How to Idiot-Proof Your Next Running Shoe Purchase

Running is an exceptional work out that is beneficial to anyone to does it. It is with good reason that it is considered to be the top aerobic exercise available for anyone and everyone who wants to be more fit. And because more men and women are becoming more concerned and conscious about the state of their fitness and health, and are open to doing things that are necessary to improve it, running is as popular as ever. Certainly not bad for an exercise that can be viewed as simple, probably because it is based on one of our most basic movements. Do not be deceived by its simplicity however, as a closer look at the benefits that running provides can only leave any observer with being impressed.

The effectiveness of running is not a given though. Every runner must exhibit a complete willingness to do it regularly and also be driven enough to aim to succeed in it. Only by having that determined attitude will anyone be able to enjoy the things that running is able to provide. And aside from the willingness and determination, a runner must also be equipped with the right kind of running gear when going for his runs. Having both at your disposal will almost guarantee that you are successful in your running, and will be able to maximize every moment that you dedicate to it. Running shoes and other running equipment that are vital to achieving great performance should be in the possession of every single runner.

I’ve been an avid and enthusiastic runner myself for the last couple of years. Before that I used to do a lot of weight training, as I was working towards building up my body. But my mindset changed when I got into running, Yoga, and also adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. I gave less emphasis on building up my muscles and put more emphasis on gaining better endurance and stamina, which was what a great aerobic workout like running provides. And in all the running that I have done since and with the effects that it has had on me, I could say that there is no reason for me to regret the decision that I have made. If any, I see it as one of the best decisions I have made, especially since it has blended in very well with my new lifestyle which is built on healthy living.

My success in running can be attributed to a couple of things, which ties up directly with what has been mentioned above. First, I was really very determined to have the best results possible. I just wanted to be better physically and running, combined with the other work outs that I am doing and having a vegetarian lifestyle, would give me a great boost. Then there is the running equipment, primarily the running shoes that I have been using. It was important that I did not just buy any other shoe that I thought would be help me or would look good on me. I actually did some research about the things that I needed to keep in mind as well as the things that I should avoid when shopping for my running shoes.

Idiot proofing Your Feet: The Do’s of Buying Running Shoes

When I first decided to run, I never knew that I would actually run into some problems with the running shoes that I needed to wear. Or more specifically, the purchase of the right running shoes that I needed to make. It was almost overwhelming to be confronted by so many different types of running shoes, and not to mention the many manufacturers who made making a quick choice seem ever more possible. So I was compelled to make some research, which was fine since I wanted to make sure that I get the correct pair of running shoes for myself. The following are the results of my research, starting with the do’s of buying running shoes.

• It would help a lot if you go to a retailer who is very knowledgeable in his field, which is the field of running shoes. You need to get the shoes that are the most appropriate for you, and it is not simply about getting shoes since it also involves your health and fitness. An expert’s opinion should therefore be very welcome for you. If you are using the right shoes, then there will less or even no chance of getting an injury, plus the level of comfort would be pretty high for you.

• In making your selection, always consider the terrain that you are going to go through, or the exact areas where you are going to run. You wouldn’t to get shoes that would not be right for the terrain that you are going to run on. Again, the help of an expert should be sought here, making the needed consultation to get you the best running shoes possible.

• Testing the running shoes that you would buy is also very important. It is only proper for you to do this, particularly since buying a running shoe is an investment by itself. And because of that, you need to test each pair that you are going to buy. By testing, it means that you got to run with the shoes on, not just wear it within the store where you’re buying it from. There are stores that have treadmills in their premises that are specifically meant for testing, while there are also shoe stores that would allow a buyer to test he running shoes outside, for the runner to get some real feel of how it is to use the shoes.

• Each time you are fitting a pair of running shoes, make sure that you are wearing your running socks. This refers to the exact same socks that you would be wearing in your runs, as this will help you get a feel of what it is actually like to be wearing both the shoes and socks that you will be taking out on the road.

The Flip Side: Don’ts of Buying Running Shoes

So now we have come to the flip side of what to do when buying running shoes. The following are the don’ts of buying running shoes, which are just as important and need to be kept in mind as well.

• One of the first things that any buyer of running shoes should remember is to not be swayed by the brands or designer labels just because they are popular or have come out with the latest in their series of running shoes. It would best for you and your feet if you choose your running shoes based on fit, function, and comfort. There should really be no other consideration aside from these. It would also be unwise to shop for a running shoe based solely on its selling price.

• Also, you don’t need to assume that just about any type of athletic or sports shoes would do. The technology involved in the manufacture of running shoes has progressed so far that running shoes are specifically designed to meet the demands of running, and will also help prevent any injuries and just allow the runner to have the performance that he wants and targets. The issues of proper fit and comfort will also be a factor once more, so only buy the appropriate running shoes.

• When the time comes to replace your running shoes, don’t entertain any second thoughts about trying to extend their use or their shoe lives. The shoes get to experience a tremendous amount of wear and tear, and will most likely need a replacement after 500 miles of use. Although the frequency of changing running will depend on several factors, like the running technique employed by the runner, the runner’s weight, and the terrain where the runner usually runs on.