The World’s Best Triathlons for Runners

Everyone is a competitor within. Each one of us has that competitive fire burning deep inside, with the only difference being the level and the intensity of the said fire. Some are more competitive and driven to succeed because theirs burn brighter and they are more motivated than others. That can be considered the natural difference, but it also means that every one can get to that heightened level of competitiveness if he so chooses and if he gets motivated enough. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy the thrill of competition, which is rewarded by the experience itself, and any victory or prize that is achieved can only be considered as a bonus. Indeed, it is the satisfaction of that competitor inside which is the number one consideration.

People who engage in sports and other forms of physical activities, like exercises and workouts, are definitely competitors at heart. Being physically active and being involved in sports can be seen as a natural way of bringing out that natural fire that is burning deep within. And going by that logic then runners are among the primary examples of those who naturally want to compete and become successful. Runners are fitness and health buffs of the highest order, and many are also in it to participate and achieve victory in the many different running events that they cold join in. They can make their pick of events and competitions; whatever they feel would drive them and challenge them more would certainly suffice.

As a runner myself, I fully understand the things that fuel and drive others who are like me. Even as I started hitting the road for health and fitness purposes, I also gravitated towards the excitement and challenge presented by competitive running. It satisfies and fulfills an entirely different side of a runner, one where he is a competitor who thrives in the experience of trying to reach for victory. When I started competing, it was actually all about fun and being with some friends who also happened to be runners. However, it quickly changed as I became so absorbed in the competitive spirit of the events. Before long, I began to seek out other challenges, other events that would add even more fuel to the fire.

The search for tougher and bigger challenges culminated in my involvement in triathlon. When I discovered triathlon, I just knew that I found the challenge that would be keeping me preoccupied for a while. That’s how I was looking at it, and it proved to be a little tougher than I even expected of it. Part of that is the fact that involves a couple of other sports, cycling and swimming, so in that sense I was presented with a more daunting challenge than what I would otherwise have had if I didn’t go beyond simply running. It was also interesting since it prompted me to study the event’s background, in addition to the physical preparations that I needed to make. And I found it fun to have to do that too.

Triathlon: A Test of Toughness

The Triathlon is a multi sport event that involves the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance events and also seen as a test of strength, stamina, and skill. In triathlon, the three different sports disciplines that are fused into one are swimming, cycling, and running. It has usually been those three and in that order, although some variations of the event also exists. The popular order has swimming, cycling, and running going in immediate succession over different distances, depending on the specific even that is being held. Participants of the triathlon compete for the fastest overall completion time over the entire course, and that includes the timed transitions between each individual sporting component of the event.

Distances covered by a triathlon vary, and according to the International Triathlon Union, there are four different kinds of distances in triathlon events. Those four are the Sprint, Intermediate, the Long Course, and the Ultra Distance. The Sprint has the following distances covered – 750 m for swimming, 20km for bike, and 5km for running; the Intermediate or Standard distance, which is also known as the Olympic distance, covers these distances – 1.5km for swimming, 40 km bike, and 10 km for running; the Long Course has these distances – 1.9km swim, 90km cycling, and 21.1 km running; for the Ultra Distance the following distances are covered – 3.8 km swimming, 180 km riding, and then a marathon: 42.2 km run.

As for the transition areas between the three components, the first one is positioned right between the swimming and biking segments, with the next one being at the point between the biking and running segments of the triathlon event. These transitions areas are right where the switches from to swimming to biking, and then from biking to running takes place. The areas are not just the places where the triathlon participant changes from one component of the race to another, but is also where performance apparel, bicycles, and any and all kinds of accessories that the participants might need for any stage of the event. It should be noted that the time spent in the transition areas while changing from one segment of the event to the other is included in the overall time of the race for every participant. Furthermore, the size of these areas is dependent on the number of participants for an event.

Due to the very nature of the event, triathlon participants have to undergo constant training, although periodized training for each of the sports disciplines is practiced. Different types of workouts are also incorporated into it as well as general conditioning and workout routines. There are many different triathlon events held all over the world over various distances. It has become a popular sporting event with increasing participants and adherents. The following are three of the best triathlon events in the world for runners and for other athletes as well.

Three of the Many: Top Triathlon Events

All around the world these days, there are triathlon events that anyone who’s interested can join, whether a long time participant or not. Here are three of the many that offer a great overall experience.

Ironman Triathlon New Zealand – New Zealand’s Ironman Triathlon is held at Lake Taupo and boasts of excellent organization and tremendous support from the community. That is a guarantee of consistent great events right there, although the event does have one drawback as it could only accommodate a field of 1,500 at a time. However, the wonderfully scenic locale, perfect for vacations and some R & R, is probably enough to compensate.

London Triathlon – If you want to join one of the biggest triathlon events in the world, then the London Triathlon is the right one for you. It offers there distances, which makes it an excellent choice for newcomers. And the participants are lining up, with about 13,000 competing and the number is still growing.

Wildflower Festival Triathlons – The Wildflower Festival Triathlons is held in Lake San Antonio, California, USA each year and attracts about 8,000 participants each time. The even is held over a three day weekend and has become quite famous for its festive atmosphere, which has led many to call it the “Woodstock of Triathlons”.