Beginners Piano Lessons – Making it Fun!

Hi ya, I want to tell you all about these beginners piano lessons that I found when I wanted to start playing piano about a year ago. I had always been intimidated by the idea of trying to learn how to play the piano. I thought that it was hard and that you had to start when you were really young. Like 7 or 8 years old. And other than my grandmother (love you), nobody in my family can play any kind of musical instrument. We’re all pretty tone deaf too! Or at least so I thought.

If you’ve seen my About Me page, then you know that I loved going to church if only to listen to my grandmother play the church organ. When I was 12 or 13 years old, she taught me how to play “Chopsticks”. In case you’re wondering, “Chopsticks” was written by a woman, Euphemia Allen. But she had to publish it under a guy’s name in the 1800’s.

I can still play “Chopsticks”, but it wasn’t until I found beginner piano lessons that I was able to start learning some of the favorite pieces of music that I remember my grandma playing.

I guess back when I was 13, I was more interested in boys than I was interested in trying to learn how to play piano. Besides, playing the piano seemed to be so hard. And there were like hardly any cool women who played the piano until I saw Alicia Keys playing “If I Ain’t Got You”. That got me thinking that maybe I could learn how to play the piano.

So I bought a keyboard with the money my grandma left me and I searched the internet for keyboard piano lessons for beginners. I found a couple of cool things on YouTube. But it just wasn’t enough. So I kept searching until I found this really cool program that gives you lessons for like a whole year. From start until you’re playing really neat songs. I loved it.

These beginners piano lessons have really helped keep me motivated and excited about learning to play the piano. I’ve been finding it a ton of fun. In fact, my dad has started playing piano too now, just with the same program, and he’s doing okay. I’ve also been asked to play the organ at our church. But I’m not certain about that as I’m kinda nervous about playing piano in front of a whole bunch of people. But we’ll see.