Beginner Piano for Church

When I was in intermediate school, I enjoyed so much joining different kinds of clubs and extra-curricular activities. I wasn’t much of a sporty gal and so ended up signing up with drama classes and the choir. I soon realized that acting wasn’t really my forte and so I focused on the choir, which by the way I maintained until college. Joining the choir enables me to be confident about myself in singing in front of many people and at the same time offering each and every song and praise to God. Little did I know that I would be offered an opportunity to hone a secret skill. The head of our choir group learned that I was studying piano lessons and he encouraged me to be the church pianist of the group.

The piano is the most popular classical instrument and well-used as well in churches to play Christian or Evangelistic music. Perhaps, for those who are not accustomed to play classical piano pieces would really have a hard time playing, and more so appreciating, Christian songs played in the piano. The advantage of those who took piano lessons in professional piano centers is that they are first taught how to play the piano using classical pieces, which are more complex but fulfilling than modern music.

Classical pieces, in which most Christian songs are categorized, have challenging patterns of accompaniment, transposing, and substitution, and so if one is taught the hard way first, he or she is most likely to quickly develop music theory in his or her own. But, although the piano sheets may seem complex to understand and play, one doesn’t need a grand piano to produce a well-tuned church song. A beginner piano for church pianists is just the basic unit one sees in all instrument shops. One doesn’t need a grand and most expensive piano in order to produce good music. As long as one has the talent, ears for music, and passion in playing the piano, beautiful music can exist.

Being a church pianist is fulfilling because aside from you get to do what you love doing, playing the piano, you can share your music to all God’s children and offer each music played to God. Also, playing the piano in church makes me feel like playing in an orchestra because of the beautiful combination of the piano music and graceful voices of the choir members.