Tips in Choosing the Best Upright Piano for Beginners

Buying a piano is a very good and wise investment, especially the traditional ones not the electric ones, because they can last longer and can accentuate your home décor as well because of their antique wooden look. Pianos don’t depreciate easily. In buying a piano, you must be aware that this should be a long-term investment, and so you must not haggle up with the quality and price. Pianos are not usually cheap, so before you buy one, make sure you have sufficient funds and that you’ve looked into the many choices of brands and styles.

Piano for Beginners

Of the piano family, the most superior is no other than the grand piano. The grand piano is often used in operas and stage musical plays. Although it is the grandest and is undoubtedly a good investment, it is not really necessary for a beginner. First and foremost, a grand piano may cost thrice the price of a regular or upright piano. Also, you need a colossal space to house the grand piano if you are to place it at home. And so, for a beginner piano tip, I recommend an upright piano. An upright piano, or commonly called the vertical piano, has vertically aligned frame and strings. Pianists believe that the longer the strings, the nicer the sound the piano may produce. Also, unlike the grand piano that needs a huge space, so that it can be the center of that space, the upright piano is placed along the wall rather than out across the floor, which means it can save you so much space.

You often see antique upright pianos in movies. The headboard usually holds picture frames, plaques, and other decors. It is a traditional way of life. The upright piano has been the leading choice for home piano learning, educational institutions, and even professional musicians. The most popular brands for upright pianos are Yamaha, Baldwin, Essex, Steinway & Sons, and Kohler & Campbell. You can even choose upright pianos with designs and customized wooden makeup and polish, like oak made ebony polish.

The guideline in choosing the best upright piano for beginners is simple. Choose what you can afford without sacrificing the quality. Do not economize, especially for a beginner. When I was starting out, my parents bought me a Strauss upright piano and it is still fully functional, after two decades already. You just have to maintain it and have it tuned up twice a year. Remember, the best way to keep a beginner interested in the sound of piano is producing excellent music on a quality instrument.