The Best Electronic Piano Tuner Brands

Having your own piano, especially the traditional acoustic or grand piano, is an excellent investment. There are two points why. First, knowing how to play the piano makes a person musically inclined, knowledgeable on classical songs, adept in identifying auditory music notes, and practices the fingers to be graceful. Second, the piano never gets out of style and purpose. Aside from its main purpose, which is as an instrument, the piano also serves as a decorative furniture that adds accent in a room. Most upright pianos have that antique-looking facade, while the grand pianos overwhelm an entire space.

But, if you do not know how to maintain the piano, you are demeaning its value. There are three important ways on how to maintain the piano. Let me discuss first the basic, most general ones: cleaning and polishing. Remember, these are two different things. In cleaning the piano, you must use a soft fabric to avoid scratching the surface. A feather duster is also an ideal tool. Once you got rid of the dust, you can now do the polishing. First, check on the finish of the piano, whether it has a polymer or lacquer finish, to identify which polish is best to use because there are polishes that are harmful for a particular type of finish and may incur irreversible damage. When polishing the piano, spray the liquid on the cloth and not directly onto the surface of the piano. Again, use a soft fabric. Now, the most vital technique in maintaining the piano is tuning. Tuning is a procedure that appropriately aligns the intervals between tones so that the piano is in tune. Usually, one has to hire a piano tuner to accomplish this and the tuning is done once a year. The strings and hammers of a piano are its most delicate parts that is why a professional tuner is needed.

Tuning is a tedious process, but not now since electric tuners were invented. An electronic tuner has several specifications, but in this article, I’ll discuss with you what it is in relevance to the discipline of music. An electric tuner is a device that detects and then displays via LED lights the pitch of notes played in the piano, whether high, low, or equal to the ideal pitch. You simply do not have to listen to each key manually. The best electronic piano tuner can be purchased from top brands Korg and Peterson Strobe. Both brands have amazing electronic tuner features, reliable customer service support, and useful reviews from users, but the difference is, the former is cheaper than the latter. Korg electronic piano tuners cost not more than $30, whereas the Peterson Strobe electronic tuners cost $300 or more. Choose the brand that fits your maintenance preference and fund.

Aside from an electronic piano tuner, a tuning lever and several tuning mutes are also key tools in piano tuning.