What Are the Best Piano Brands?

In purchasing a piano, one of the determining factors is the brand name. Brand names are important because they determine the credibility of a product. Consequently, the credibility of a product relies significantly on the quality of the materials used, the country or place where the raw materials originated, and of course, the country or place where the product was manufactured and made. Over the years, people consider the best piano brands that came from Germany and the United States while those that originated in China are regarded as products with inferior quality.  Germany produced a number of piano brands dated back during the classical time. Most of which were used by well-known classical pianists of all time, like Mozart and Beethoven.

It is really challenging to come up with a list of the best piano brands because all piano manufacturers have their own claim that theirs is the best. Believe it or not, there are over a hundred different piano brands, but only a few are able to maintain their glory and worldwide demand. And so, to eliminate the competition among existing piano brands, I would rather discuss with you in brief details some useful information about three of the best and most popular piano brands.

Let me begin with the existing US-Germany made piano brands.

Steinway & Sons was the brainchild of a German immigrant named Henry Engelhard Steinway in 1853. Steinway was a master cabinet maker before he ventured out on building pianos. C. F. Theodore, Charles, Henry Jr., William, and Albert were Henry’s sons, who corroborated in building modern pianos developed from these patented pianos.

The Steinways continued their legacy and commitment to produce the finest pianos handcrafted with unsurpassed quality on every detail.  At present, Steinway & Sons crafts and manufactures pianos in Astoria, New York, and Hamburg, Germany.

Next is the European pride – the Bechstein. In 1853, Carl Bechstein established a piano factory in Berlin that promised to build outstanding strong grand pianos for the fulfillment of composers, virtuosos, and orchestras during the Romantic period. Since then on, the C. Bechstein brand spread all throughout the world, reaching Asia as well.

However, there is a piano brand which is not US or German made, but is likewise established to produce exceptional piano pieces. Growing up, I had already heard about YAMAHA. And until now, this piano brand is still well-known and widely used by many. Amidst its Japanese origin, YAMAHA entered the music instrument mainstream and established its own domain in most parts of the world, including the US and Europe. Also, in 2007, YAMAHA Corporation was given a Technical GRAMMY® Award for their contribution to musical instruments and technology.

Therefore, the moment you realize that you want to purchase a piano, you might want to check on these three brands first and see which brand best fits your preference and budget.