Beautiful Church Songs to Play on the Piano

Growing up with close family ties and intact religious traditions, I am used to attending Sunday masses with my family. In our church, the youth are encouraged to join the choir as part of our worship. I have been a member of the choir for 10 years now and have been given the opportunity to play church songs using a piano. Church songs give a peaceful spiritually enriching vibe to anyone who listens to them.

I believe that people don’t just sing church songs because it is part of their worship but are motivated to sing along because of the sensation and power of the melody and harmony of church songs. Church songs vary from one religion to another. Some religions have church songs which consist of psalms, hymns, and gospels.

The most common instrument used in playing church songs is the piano or organ. This has been the scenario from the beginning of most of the Judeo Christian traditions. However, although churches in modern times also use guitars and other instruments, a piano or an electronic organ never gets left out of the choir as long as there is someone to play it. Church songs will never be complete without the tune played from the piano.

Since through song, we share our faith and worship, there are individuals and groups that are committed to composing church songs to play on the piano as part of their devotion to their savior. These church songs were compiled in an album and later were released in music record stores. The following are individuals and bands that had produced several church songs to play on the piano compilations: Tommy Walker, Reuben Morgan, Chris Tomlin, Steve Kuban, Scott Wesley Brown, Hillsong, Parachute Band, and many more.

Also, let me share with you my favorite choices of beautiful church songs to play on the piano, which you can also learn to play in your church.

Anima Christi, One More Gift, and I Will Sing Forever by Bukas Palad

One Bread, One Body by John Foley

I Offer My Life by Don Moen

Warrior Is a Child by Twila Paris

Amazing Love by Hillsongs

Power of Your Love by Hillsong United

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever by Delirious

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today by Charles Wesley

The Lord Is My Shepherd by Scottish Psalter

We Are God’s People by Bryan Jeffrey Leech

Amazing Grace by John Newton

Shine, Jesus, Shine by Cliff Richard

The piano sheets of these songs can be easily searched and downloaded from the Internet. Also, visit the nearest bookstore for more options of beautiful church songs compilation books with piano sheets.