How to Choose the Best Piano Movers & Why Hiring a Professional is Better Than Moving the Piano Yourself

The traditional upright and grand pianos are the heaviest instruments of all, don’t you agree? They are so heavy that moving them to one place to another is challenging. Even though pianos normally have wheels on each leg, you should not risk relying on these wheels especially if you are to transport them one storey higher or to a different house.

Beyond the simplicity and minimalist accent of the exterior of a piano, the interior is a different world, full of many details.  Inside the piano are delicate parts, like the hammer and strings, so those must be your concern as well. Every hammer and string is attached to a certain piano key, which makes the piano fragile and vulnerable especially if not moved carefully and gently.

But, of course, there might be instances when you really have to relocate your piano. If you want to do it without the need to hire professional piano movers, you may do so with the help of family or friends. Do-it-yourself piano moving techniques are as follows: a) cover the entire piano with a huge cloth or blanket, b) secure all pointed sides and surfaces, c) follow these steps: tip and lift. Tip one side first before lifting, alternating until you reach the desired location for the piano. Tip and lift steps are also practiced if you are to use a dolly or carriage when transporting the piano. But, when you’re in doubt with this do-it-yourself piano moving option, hiring piano movers is the best option. In fact I recommend it all the time. It can cost a bit but it is much safer to your health and to the piano’s health too.

The best piano movers are trained in handling instruments and use tools that secure the piano from point A to point B. These tools are specifically designed for this purpose. Professional piano movers use a dolly as well, but the one they use has padded surfaces to avoid scratching the piano. They also provide cloth wraps to enclose the instrument to prevent any exterior damage. In addition, when you hire piano movers, the package includes a truck to help you transport the instrument for long distances. The piano will be mounted onto the wooden platforms attached to the opening of the truck for loading. The best part is, you don’t have to do the work yourself. Hiring piano movers is really convenient as well as better for your piano.

If you are in need of piano movers, you can check out for a list of piano moving services near your area. Most providers include their websites for customers’ reference. Check on their profile — like how long they have been in this business, what package inclusions they offer, etc. If you’re lucky, you can negotiate a service at a discounted price. Also important is to ask for customer referrals. Nothing is better than positive customer testimonials to help you decide upon the best piano movers for your beloved instrument.