The Best Headphones for Piano and Keyboard and Why You Need Them

It seems that almost everything people need and use is made to provide convenience. Gadgets, appliances, electronics, and even instruments have portable equivalents. Portable instruments amaze me the most. I have been playing the piano — a real upright piano — all my life and so finding out that electronic pianos or commonly called keyboards were invented was amusing. Well, of course, their existence has been around for more than a decade already, but it is surprising that even these instruments cope and work well with the demands of technology and modernity.

Unlike the traditional pianos, a keyboard provides tone, melody, volume, and accompaniment options. It is so easy now to compose songs and music through an array of accompaniment choices built in a keyboard. But what amazes me more is the innovation of modern piano developers and manufacturers to provide excellent technology for piano players. One of these technologies is the built-in headphone jack for keyboards or digital and electronic pianos. 

Play the piano and listen deliberately to the tunes like a pro using headphones.  Keyboard players prefer using headphones when playing because they can clearly hear the tunes each key produces and from there, they can easily identify if something is out of tune or a key note would sound better than the one they just played.  Also, some of them share that playing the piano keyboard with headphones feels like an intimate moment they have with their instrument. But the most useful benefit of playing the piano keyboard with headphones on is that you can play anytime of the day, night, or dawn, without disturbing anyone.

I asked them what are the best headphones for piano keyboard so that I could offer you good choices in case you intend to likewise choose that intimate moment with your keyboard. Here are their answers.

The most popular brand of headphones for the piano my research mentioned is of Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre, a professional music artist and producer, started his own brand of high definition headphones for the electronic piano called Beats. Beats headphones come in intricate styles and colorful designs. Another popular brand is of German origin, the Sennheiser. A user commented that Sennheiser headphones are the very best for keyboard playing. He said that they are not too expensive, not too cheap, but offer excellent sound quality. One more option is the Vic Firth Isolation Headphones for piano which were specifically designed to protect users from the high sound levels of the instruments and protect their hearing.

There you go. Here is another tip. You might just get lucky if you plan to purchase a piano keyboard now because there are plenty of bundle offers available that include professional headphones, a keyboard stand, and power supply if you purchase a piano keyboard. Just take your time to look around 🙂