How to Play Piano: A Beginner’s Guide

Learning how to play piano without formal schooling or piano lessons is possible. Contrary to other people’s beliefs, anyone, as long as he or she is determined to learn, can self-teach his or herself how to play piano. I know some people who committed themselves and gave full efforts to learn how to play piano on their own.

When asked what were their teaching aids, their common answers are online piano tutorials and piano worksheets available for purchase in music stores and bookstores. Intrigued by their answers, I browsed through the Internet, and true enough, you can find several websites that offer free online piano tutorials. I was surprised to find these and I can’t help but compare them with how formal piano lessons work. I’ll share with you my honest opinions about online piano tutorials and piano worksheets.

The Advantages

I cannot doubt the convenience of online piano tutorials. You no longer need to leave the house or pay for a formal piano lesson since many websites offer free tutorials. You can work on your lesson anytime and anywhere you want. All you need to have is a stable Internet connection, your piano, and you’re good to go.

What impressed me more is how easy and simple the lesson is being taught. The basic scenario is that a virtual piano is presented and colored guides or virtual hands assist the learner on what piano keys to press on the actual piano. This technique makes memorization more effective. It is also surprising that almost all contemporary songs have online piano tutorials. My verdict: online piano tutorials are convenient, effective, and fun!

The Disadvantages

For me, a real pianist knows how to read piano sheets, not just play an actual piano. This is what online piano lessons failed to provide. Piano sheets are written presentations of the different notes and music scales in piano playing. If a person knows how to read piano sheets, he or she can play any song presented. In a formal piano lesson, all concepts to a piano sheet are taught first.

Although learning about piano sheets is tedious and challenging, it is what makes learning how to play the piano worthwhile and rewarding. I have browsed other websites that offer full courses in piano lessons, including piano sheets, but with a corresponding payment. If you want convenience but comprehensive learning on how to play piano, this is a good recommendation, but they aren’t free. They are however less expensive than music teachers.

Remember that whatever technique you choose must be suitable to your abilities and amount you are willing to spend to learn the piano. For those who self-teach themselves how to read music notes on piano sheets, visit a bookstore or music store because there are plenty of booklets suitable for beginners that can help you with that too.