My Best Tips on How to Buy a Piano

Buying a piano is quite a challenge because you have to be detailed and meticulous in your choice. The reason is because a piano is a long-term investment due to its durability and a lifespan of up to 40 years not to mention that you will likely drop a few grand on a decent upright piano and much more for a grand piano. Today I want to offer you my best tips on how to buy a piano depending on your budget and space that you have for the piano.

So, the foremost element you need to keep in mind in choosing a piano is its appeal to you. Will the piano sustain your interest for a very long time. The appeal I’m talking about is your personal preference which is defined by the type, color, and brand of the piano you’ll buy.

Choosing a type of piano primarily depends on the amount of space and the purpose for which you’re purchasing. You have to take into consideration the area where you intend to place the piano. For those who live in an apartment-type unit, a vertical spinet is a good choice. It ranges from 36 to 38 inches in height, 58 inches in width, and it is the smallest type of piano but offers great timber and tone.

The other types of vertical piano, which are recommended for areas with limited space, are console piano, studio piano, and upright piano, the latter of which is traditionally the tallest vertical piano. However, for professional pianists who have their own music studio and/or those who have spacious living rooms, or those who have hotel or restaurant businesses, the grand piano is the best option. The types of grand pianos are petite grand, baby grand, medium grand, parlor grand, semiconcert, and concert grand, the largest type of grand piano which is 9-feet wide and will likely cost you more than an average car.

Once you have made up your mind on what type of piano to purchase, scout out several musical instrument stores. I suggest you visit not just one or two stores but at least three for comparison purposes because you might find a piece that costs less than in other stores or is on sale.

Steinway, Baldwin, Kawai, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Schimmel, Bechstein are some of the most popular piano brands that also offer the best quality. Each brand offers unique piano designs and furnishings, as well as custom-made pieces. You have probably heard or read that Germany-based brands are the ultimate choice for the beset pianos, but do not be deceived. As long as a certain brand is a member of the Piano Manufacturers Association International (PMAI), you are guaranteed of high quality products produced by all supplier-authorized piano dealers working to a code of ethics.

Lastly, your commitment in choosing a piano must come side by side with a commitment to learn how to play it because an instrument is meant to be played, not only to be displayed. Whether you are young or old an adult or a child, it is never to late to learn how to play the piano.