How Much Is a Baby Grand Piano?

There are two most popular types of piano, the grand piano and the upright piano. However, under these two common types are more specified versions that give the public the benefit of choosing which kind of piano best fits their musical requirements and lifestyle. In this article, I will talk about the smallest type of grand piano, the baby grand.

As all of you know, the grand piano is the most grandiose kind of piano of all time. It stages at concert halls and performs in orchestras. Sound quality wise, it produces powerful tones because of the position of its soundboard and strings. The only drawback is, not everyone can afford to own a grand piano at home. The two main factors an individual has to take into consideration before buying a grand piano are budget and space restrictions. A grand piano may cost as much as $25,000 and is 8-ft wide. Therefore, if you cannot shell out more than $20,000 on an instrument and you do not have a room that can house an 8-ft wide piano, then you might as well consider your other options. Assess first how much space can your house accommodate and how much are you willing to spend. But if you are still obsessing about the unique appearance of a grand piano and you have decided that your budget allowance is between $12000 and $20000 only, then your best bet is to eye on a baby grand piano.

A baby grand piano has an average length between 4’6″ (145cms) and 5’8″ (173cms) and an average width of 5′ (152cms). If a grand piano is perfect as a room centerpiece, a baby grand piano still looks an elegant piece of furniture on one corner. It gives that space a dramatic ambiance which also accentuates the entire room. On the other hand, sound quality wise, a baby grand piano has fuller and richer overtones than an upright piano because the former has longer strings encased in horizontal soundboard. Remember that a baby grand piano is the second best to a grand piano. These two should never be compared in sound quality or aesthetics because a baby grand piano is not an effective instrument in big open venues such as concert halls and lounges unlike the grand. And although a baby grand piano has deeper tones than an upright piano, if you buy a low quality instrument, you just wasted your money and should have chosen a high quality upright piano instead.

For those of you who are curious to know how much is a baby grand piano, the price varies from the size, quality, and refinishing. Yamaha sells baby grand pianos ranging from $11000 to $26000. Chickering baby grand piano is on sale at $12,999 while Steinway sells at $18,000. It is never too late to visit the nearest music store or instrument manufacturer shop to browse on their baby grand piano collection.