Breeding Worms – For Fun and Profit

Hi folks, breeding worms sure is a fun pastime. I’ve been breeding earthworms for over 20 years. It first started out when my late wife and I were living in the city. We just had a small apartment because we were saving up to move out into the country and retire. Our kids had all grown up and I was getting ready to retire from my city job.

Joan (that’s my late wife) didn’t like how much garbage we were throwing out each week. She cared for the earth before it was popular. So I started out getting some earthworms from some friends who had a yard. And that’s how we first got into the business of worm farming.

We grew our little handful of red worms into dozens and then hundreds. Now I reckon I’ve got to have thousands and thousands of these little red wigglers on my farm here. So I started the blog thing to share my knowledge and I guess love of these earthworms.

The earth worm is not hard to breed. In fact raising worms is a heck of a lot easier than growing my organic soybeans. They don’t bring me in as much money as the soybeans do, but I owe these worms a lot to the success of my soybeans I grow. The earthworm is scientifically known as eisenia fetida. Haven’t a clue what that means, but I figured you might like to know.

All redworms, branding worms, tiger worms or red wigglers are good worms to help in your composting efforts and to help in the decaying of organic matter. These kinds of earth worms will pretty much digest anything organic except for the hard stuff like bones. Also meat is preferably not used at it’ll just putrefy and the worms don’t like that.

You might have also heard of European nightcrawlers, these also make great worms for composting. They’re also sometimes called Belgian nightcrawlers maybe because Belgium is infested with them. Breeding white worms can work well too, and sometimes blue worms too. Though blue worms work best in the tropical regions where it’s warm and damp.

Breeding worms
should be encouraged by everyone. Like I said, we bred earthworms when we were just living in a small apartment in the city. You can always give away the compost to friends. They’ll love it.