Best Grow Tent Options

For those who are not so familiar with what grow tents are, grow tents are efficient pieces of furniture that allows you to grow plants indoors. The grow tents are made up of layers of thermal films that regulates controlled heat, perfect for the growing environment. The grow tents also have several ports that are responsible for the intake and exhaust of air, which are also responsible for the control of temperature and light inside the tent. Grow tents are solutions to those who want to grow plants inside their home because they do not have a backyard, especially the city-dwellers. There are in fact various grow tent options available in the market—all with competing brands.

To learn the best grow tent options, read along.

First on the list is Hydrolab grow tents. Hydrolab claims high performance on its grow tents. Its latest offer in the public is the 2010 ProRange grow tents. The 2010 ProRange was invented through comments and feedbacks of Hydrolab’s users; so this latest product is especially made to enhance the former grow tent products. Some of the features of the 2010 ProRange are the increased number of ventilation ports for flexibility, air-cooled reflector ports, electrical entry points, side access doors, heavy duty light and fan/filter system hanging bars, Mylar reflectivity, nutrient film technique, intelligent watering system (IWS flood system), potponics dripper systems, flood and drain aeroponics, deep water culture, and traditional soil-based cultivation. For beginners, Hydrolab recommends its very own 2010 ProRange grow tents. It is also designed with dual sock port design that allows flexibility for different duct sizes.

Another option is from Greners. Greners offers a variety of portable indoor devices for your plants. Some of its products are the Secret Jardin, GrowLab tent, Homebox, Hydrohut, and Sun Hut. Greners allows consumers to choose the grow tent that best fit their lifestyle and gardening preference. Each type of grow tents listed above has specific models for different plant-growing activity—whether you need to germinate seeds in the dark room, or use Mylar. Check out their website for further information on their grow tents.

Aside from the brands listed above, the best grow tent options still rely on the basic. You must purchase a grow tent that is easy to set up and is fire and water resistant. Professional gardeners may always have an option to just build their own grow tents, but the advantage of the grow tents that are we are discussing is, you don’t have to deal with heavy woods and stress in building, because the grow tents that ready-made available in the markets are portable and lightweight that make lives easier.