What Are Garden Taps For?

A garden tap is the connection from a water main to produce an outside flow of water. In the America, faucet is widely used to also describe a garden tap. Garden taps are usually installed at the outside wall of a property. In a residence that has a garden around the house, garden taps are common tools. They are usually installed at the side of the entrance porch or at the backyard.

Uses of Garden Taps

Garden taps are used to fill a watering bucket or to connect a hose pipe to acquire water for outdoor uses, like tending at the garden, cleaning, watering the plants and grasses, washing the car, filling up a portable kiddie pool, etc. To simplify, garden taps are outdoor tools for outdoor activities. With garden taps, it is convenient for people to have access with water. One doesn’t have to fill a bucket from the inside bathroom just to use outside for cleaning. Garden taps save you time and physical effort.

But, you must be aware of the basic requirements of garden taps. If you are to buy a garden tap, it must have: first, a double check valve and second, a high-quality brass fitting. A double check valve prevents backflow of water but allows a single direction of water flow. When there is backflow, water contamination is at high risk. Next, brass coating prevents stain and stress corrosion cracking. Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper.

Common Problems with Garden Taps

The most common problem in garden taps is leaking. If the leaking continues, this will leave a muddy and sludgy ground beneath and surrounding the garden tap. So, in order to prevent this from happening, you must test your garden taps first.

Install the garden tap over grass or soil ground. Dig a hole just beneath the tap and add in some gravel. Then open the faucet and check if it is leaking. The gravel is used to distribute the water evenly without accumulating to only one part. If the garden tap is leaking, call a plumber or you just might want to try to tighten the plug.

There are different styles of garden taps available in hardware and garden shops. There are the 4-way tap connector, tap splitter style, tap plate elbow, etc. Also, some garden accessory manufacturers offer user-friendly outdoor garden tap complete kit for more convenience in gardening or for other outdoor activities.