Different Types of Garden Fountains

Garden fountains are popular in accentuating modern architectural landscaping, either in residential properties or commercial buildings with outdoor gardens. Aside from the physical aesthetic facade that garden fountains create, these structures also influence and regulate human moods. How? The answer is simple: a functioning garden fountain has a running water cascade that produces a soothing sound when flowing. This sound disguises unwanted sounds from the surroundings. To simply describe its overall exquisiteness, garden fountains are pleasant to the eyes and harmonious to the ears.

However, garden fountains can be quite intimidating because they are associated with luxury and elegance. For a middle class family, having a garden fountain can be quite a lot to invest in. But, fortunately, due to continuous technological development and improved quality of craftsmanship, there have been different types of garden fountains that suit anyone’s preference, style, and financial capacity.

Let us start off with the most luxurious and elegant type, which is the Renaissance and Victorian-inspired garden fountain. This type of garden fountain can be typically seen in Italy, Rome, and Venice. They are made of premium cast stone or fiberglass or copper, with sandstone finish. They are also considered dramatic garden fountains because of the human-like statues that serve as its crown of glory.

Another type is the wall garden fountain. This is best recommended for those who do not have an ample space for center placing. Unlike the first-mentioned type, the wall garden fountain is minimalist because it doesn’t require much structural input. We normally see wall garden fountains as a common type and often water flows straight into the swimming pool.

A common type and one that is considered as the all-season outdoor of garden fountains is the pedestal garden fountain. The materials to build a pedestal garden fountain are usually not expensive. Cement and stone will suffice, mimicking the appearance of higher quality garden fountains.

Garden fountains are built to serve as a centerpiece in an outdoor location, but if you just want to add an entertaining and at the same time an alluring element in your garden, they are truly perfect and need not to be gigantic. In fact, there are ready made tabletop garden fountains which you can purchase right away in garden shops. Remember, you need not shell out too much money to have a beautiful outdoor garden with an upscale feel. If you have the means, invest in it, but you can always use your creativity and resourcefulness to come up with an elegant but less expensive outdoor garden that will suit your budget, your home and your garden gnomes.