Simple, Easy & Effective Lawn Edging Ideas for Gardeners of All Skill Levels

Lawn edging is a technical term for bordering the yard and it is a maintenance technique for outdoor gardens. Some call this garden edging or landscape edging. The main purpose of lawn edging is to provide a clean edge in the garden, primarily around garden beds. Imagine your flower bed with scattered veins and shrubs on the ground; likewise the lawn grasses reaching the pavement. Yes, it is really messy. And so, lawn edging is a very practical way to set a border between the lawn and the garden bed to keep the outdoor neat and organized.

A common choice of tool used for lawn edging is a set of mowing strips, because it is easy to install using the lawn mower. Mowing strips are normally seen used on small gardens with patios or paths. But do you know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to accomplish your own lawn edging? In fact, most gardeners use stones, bricks, or wood for lawn edging. As the industry of gardening advances, there have been inventions of ready made lawn edging tools that come in different material composition, designs, styles, and sizes. Consequently, due to the vast variety of lawn edging tools that people can use nowadays, lawn edging has become an element for gardening aesthetics.

Here are simple but doable lawn edging ideas that you might want to try.

First, assess the areas where you intend to install your lawn edging tools and jot down important matters such as the length of the needed lawn edging and the overall exterior theme of your garden. Based on your notes, you can already envision your preferred outcome of this project. Assessing the overall exterior theme of your garden is important because it is where you will base the tools you’ll be using. Make sure that the tools will complement your garden. For example, if your garden is close to a concrete pavement, then pair it with gravel for the lawn edging, or if you have lush greenery around, pair it with bricks or bamboo edging.

Second, only use materials that are durable. Gardening in itself is difficult to maintain, much more if you have to preserve gardening tools that need maintenance. So, choose materials that will save you time, effort, and money from having to replace them constantly. And third, let your creativity flow. Lawn edging doesn’t have to look boring just so it can live up to its purpose. You can layer your lawn by putting up high-layered edgings of bricks and stone and then fill up with mulch to level the extension. Seashells or bottles of soda or wine can also be used as lawn edging tools.

See, one doesn’t need to hire a professional landscaper. In fact, creativity, passion, and a little research are what everyone needs to make lawn edging a success.