Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Indoor planting, either due to insufficient outdoor space or during the winter season, is feasible because of the availability of artificial light sources that assist in the stimulation of plant growth in an enclosed environment. These artificial light sources are called grow lights. The best grow lights for indoor plants emit an electromagnetic spectrum which is useful for photosynthesis.

Most grow lights are used in industrial or commercial garden businesses but they have become a popular indoor gardening device for households as well over the years. Aside from indoor planting, grow lights are used for aquatic plants and hydroponics. Grow lights are specifically designed to mimic the light spectrum of the sun by modifying the color temperatures, spectral output, and lumen output of the lamp.

Plants have different growth medium, watering, and lighting requirements, so before you begin to plant them, do your research first so that you can match the plants requirements with the techniques you use, especially the light requirement because grow lights can be too intense if not installed properly or used with the wrong plants.

The average distance between the plant, regardless of what species, and an incandescent grow light is 60 cm. Meanwhile, the distance between the plant and a compact fluorescent grow light is 10 cm. Also, there is a specific light spectrum that is beneficial to a certain phase of plant growth. For example, for the vegetative or first phase of plant growth, metal halide lights that produce bluish light are recommended while during the reproductive or flowering stage, high pressure sodium lights that produce reddish light are most useful. Each grow light is modified with a specific light spectrum and this is why using it is expedient for amateur indoor plant growers.

Grow lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes too. The different kinds of grow lights are Spot Grow Bulbs, standard T12 Fluorescent Horticultural Tubes, High Output T5 Fluorescent, Fluorescent Plant Stands, Lighted Garden Carts, Compact Fluorescent Plant Grow Light Systems and Dayspot Compact Fluorescent Plant Grow Lamps.

However, at present, the most used and the best grow lights for indoor plant growth are high-intensity discharge grow lights and light emitting diodes (LED) grow lights. According to the indoor gardeners I’ve talked to, the leading manufacturing brands of grow lights are Hydrofarm®, Sylvania®, and Verilux®.

But, the popular choice as to which is the best grow light for indoor plants are from the leading and longest running hydroponics equipment and grow lights manufacturer in the North American region which happens to be Hydrofarm®. Their online catalog has extensive general information about different lighting products, gardening tools, and plant care techniques. Hydrofarm® has everything you need in indoor and outdoor gardening. Check them out.