What Are the Best Plants for Indoor Air Quality?

Researchers have proven that plants can improve the quality of air indoors by removing the harmful particles and substances in the air. However you should not just go ahead and place any plant that you can get hold of inside your place. Research has also shown the different plants have different properties when it comes to purifying the air around it. One type of plant for example is better at removing one type of chemical but leave others untouched.

The researchers have not only shown that plants can remove chemical particles from the air but they have also discovered where those chemicals are taken when the plants remove them from the air. It has been proven that these chemicals can be taken down to the roots of the plant where they are transported to the ground in turn. Enzymes that can be found inside the plant can also work on the chemical particles and break them down until they can be used by the plant cells. This action is actually similar to the way that the human liver works to rid the body of toxins.

Now if you want to know the best plants for indoor air quality, here is a short list of them:

1. The Areca Palm- This plant is also known as the Butterfly Palm. This plant grows upright and specimens have been known to reach 20 feet in height. Of course this plant is not going to reach that kind of growth when it is planted as an indoor plant. It is best to place this plant in a humid spot and it requires some pruning. The main thing that you have to check when picking a plant is that it should have a large stem at the bottom. Those with small stems can be a little hard to handle.

2. Lady Palm- This species can be very hardy and it can easily adapt to any setting that it is taken to, even indoor ones. It is very easy to grow but you have to become aware of the requirements of growing this type of plant. They are perfect for an indoor setting since they grow very slowly.

3. Bamboo Palm- This plant is also known as the reed palm. This kind of plant needs indirect light that is bright and it may shed some of its leaves once taken to an indoor setting. It is best to keep this plant moist but you should never place it in too much water. This kind of plant might attract some form of mite but that can be easily controlled.

4. Rubber Plant- This is the same plant cultivated for rubber. It prefers natural lighting although it can grow well enough in indoor settings. A young rubber plant needs a lot more care than the other ones that we have listed here. You might even have to support the plant with stakes when it is still small.

These are just some of the best plants that you can use indoors to purify the air.