Using Baskets for Plants and Other Tips for Gardening in Limited Spaces

Gardening can be a very rewarding activity. A lot of people find it so relaxing that it can relieve the stress that they get from all the other stuff that they do in life. If you still haven’t tried it out maybe this is the time to get your hands dirty and start growing some stuff in your yard.

That becomes a problem when you have very little space that you can set aside for a garden. Plants would need soil and space in order to grow and you need to find that for them. That can be a little difficult in an urban setting where the space is quite limited. Don’t worry though if you live in the city, you can still do some gardening that’s for sure. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind for that:

Baskets and Other Containers- Container gardening can be your smartest choice when you want to engage in gardening but you are hampered by a limited space. You can choose to use baskets for plants or plants, buckets, and plant boxes. These containers can hold the soil and other materials that the plants need in order to thrive. Any type of container that hold some soil in it can be used for this purpose as long as it has not been used for storing chemicals and toxic materials. If you don’t know what was placed in a container better not to use it.

Raised Bed- This is another method of gardening that can be used for small spaces. In this type of gardening the soil on the garden is loosened, mixed with organic materials and is then raised from the rest of the ground with the use of embankments made from stones, bricks and other materials. This should work well because it limits the area that you have to work on.

Square Foot Gardening- This method of gardening is used to limit the growth of weeds. In this type of gardening the plants are planted close to each other than normal. The close growth limits the chances of weeds developing.

Upside Down Vegetable Planting- There has been a trend recently to plant vegetables upside down. You literally place the plants in an upside down manner on a container that can be left hanging. In this type of planting the roots should be pointing upwards instead of the normal way. This is another great method of economizing the space that you have for plants.

When using containers to hold your plants, you have to bear in mind that the different types of containers have different properties that can affect the way that the plants placed in them can grow. Baskets and containers made from earth can lose moisture at a faster rate than other types of containers. Metals and plastic containers can hold on to moisture for a much longer period.

Whatever type of gardening that you use, you are sure to get the relaxing effects out of it as millions before you have discovered.