Using Aspirin for Plants and Other Gardening Tips

If you are new to gardening then you might have learned a few lessons in it the hard way. You might have lost a precious plant by not taking care of it in the right way. You might have used a different kind of soil from the one that you should have used. That is all right since there are so many lessons to be learned when it comes to plants and how to properly take care of them. You might have heard about some usual ideas that can help out things like using aspirin for plants, or talking to them. Here are some of plants caring and gardening tips that you can use:
Tip#1: Aspirin for Plants- The acetylsalicylic acid contained in aspirins can boost a plant’s immune system which makes more resistant to fighting the damages caused by other plants and animals. All you have to do is to dissolve about 4 aspirins into 4 gallons of water. Make sure that it is totally dissolved in the water so leave it for a couple of minutes. Use that mixture to spray your plants at least once every month. Soak the roots as well with the mixture. The best time to do it is late in the morning when all the dew has disappeared from the plants.
Tip#2: Manure as Fertilizers- Although animal manure is an excellent source of natural and organic fertilizers, the usual sources of such fertilizers like chicken farms spray the manure that their animals produce with disinfectants and insecticides. This is why you have to be careful when using such manure for fertilizers.

Tip#3: Gardening for Small Spaces- No matter how small your place is , there should always be some space there that is allotted for plants that could make everything greener and more cheerful. You can use containers for the plants, boxes, pots, and even baskets can be used for planting. You can let your creativity soar in this matter. You can use almost any type of container for having plants. Old buckets, used pots, they can all be used as containers. Just make sure that you punch holes at the bottom for water drainage.

Tip#3:Pick the Right Plants- You need to pick the right kind of plants that you are going to place in your garden. If you live in a cold region, a plant from a tropical place is never going to grow there. If you are not familiar with the types of plants that you can use then you better do some research first.

Tip#4- The Soil is the Secret- Most new gardeners are unaware that they should care for the soil first and not the plant. If the soil that you are using for your garden is healthy it can take of the plant without you having to worry about it.

Tip#5- Make Sure You Have Variety- Do not settle for only one color or plant type for your garden. You do not want your garden to end up looking boring, you want to add colours to it and lots of it.