The Best Edible Plants to Grow Indoors

Gardening can be a rewarding activity especially if you grow plants that can be eaten. Some people swear that eating vegetables that you have grown on you own is a lot better than just getting what’s available at the local grocer. While the taste couldn’t be that different, the amount of satisfaction that one can derive from it is infinitely more.

This can become a problem however if you have limited space where you can plant and start a garden. If you have a very small yard then that might not be able to accommodate all the vegetables that you want to grow there. The problem is even more acute when you are living in a building or a condominium. Where can you plant anything there? Fortunately for you there are some vegetables that can grow indoors, so if you want to experience eating your own produce while living in a building it is still possible.

Here are some of the best edible plants to grow indoors:

Reminders- When you are setting up your own indoor vegetable garden, you have to keep in mind that you need to set them up near a source of natural light like a large window. Ideally it should be facing south. Try to use varied colours for your pots to ensure that it looks attractive.

Tomatoes- The smaller varieties of tomatoes can grow well in an indoor setting. Don’t try the larger varieties as it might take a long time for them to ripen. The best ones to grow indoors are the cherry tomatoes which have excellent flavour. You can also expand the space that you are using for your garden by using upside down pots which can be suspended from the ceiling.

Root Vegetables- These are excellent varieties of vegetables that you can grow. Since some varieties of radishes, beets and carrots can adapt well in cold outdoor conditions they can normally grow well indoors. Icicle radishes for example can provide you with excellent vegetables within a month. Beets are also excellent plants to grow indoors.

Peppers- The thin walled pepper is better suited for growing indoors than its thick walled cousin. Cayenne and Thai peppers can also offer decorative properties while the plants are growing and can provide fruits that can be dried and used later on.

Herbs- There are plenty of herbs that can be grown indoors. Chives are perfect for indoor conditions. Cilantro and parsley can be excellent additions to your indoor garden.

Leafy Vegetables- Contrary to popular belief you can actually grow green leafy vegetables in an indoor setting. Lettuce and spinach can be grown in your indoor garden with little difficulty.

These are just some of the edible plants that you can plant in your indoor garden. As you can see limited space and in some cases lack of space should not be a reason for anyone not to enjoy the benefits of gardening. You can start enjoying the fruits of your garden soon if you start planting it now.