Think Green: The Best Plants for Office

If you work in an office setting then you must be aware of how oppressive it can be to sit there amidst chairs and desks with the processed air and the unnatural light. Working in an office can be deceptive. While there are no immediate physical dangers involved, sitting for prolonged periods can cause some problems and other things might prove to be health risks in the long run, like the air that you breath.

For this reason people have been trying to find ways of reducing the risks and the hazards of the office environment. One remarkable discovery of the researchers is the fact that office plants can bring in more than just one benefit to a cramped working environment. To give you an idea of how beneficial they can be, here are some of the best plants for office that you can use:

Philodendrons– This plant is a climber and can add an illusion of height to an area with low ceiling height. Like most indoor plants listed here, philodendrons require very little care and can thrive without detailed handling.

Spider Plant– The great thing about this plant is that it requires very little maintenance. You can water it for once a week and that is enough for the plant to thrive. It is very easy to plant it. Ideally you should place up high where everyone can see it.

Snake Plant- This plant has long snake like leaves hence the name. It can catch a lot of attention in the office. The long pointed leaves make this a real attention getter and it should be placed where it can be serve as the focl point of attention.

Cactus- When you can not go for any of the other indoor plants that we have mentioned here, then you should just settle for the cactus. There many varieties of cactus from which you can take your pick. Just remember not to place it in an area where someone might get hurt with its thorns.

When you want plants that can help reduce the amount of pollutants that can be found in the air, there are certain set of plants that you can use. These are larger than the ones that we have mentioned and require more care but they are excellent for purifying the air.

• Rubber Plants- This type of plant has been proven to be effective at reducing air pollutants and it adds beauty to the office setting.

Dracaena- This is another excellent choice for helping to reduce pollutants in the office and for adding aesthetics to the office setting.

Peace Lilly- This plant grows well in low light and effectively removes some pollutants.

Your choice of office plant should be determined by the kind of setting that you have for your work place. How much sun light goes through? Most plants require moderate sunlight even the indoor ones. Another factor that you should consider should be the amount of care that you can dedicate to the plant. It should be able to thrive even after you neglect it for a few days when you are too busy.