Betta Fish and the Best Plants for Betta Fish Aquarium

The Betta fish is popular type of fish raised in freshwater aquairums. It is known in other countries as the Siamese fighting fish and the Betta only caught on in the United States. These small varieties of fish are natives of some parts of South East Asia where they could be found in the rice paddies. They can reach a length of up 5 cm. and if properly taken care of reach an age of up to 5 years while being kept in an aquarium.

History of Collecting– The people of Thailand has been raising this type of fish in captivity for centuries. They have noted how the fish spar and fight in the wild and that was the main reason why they started collecting them. While fish fights only lasts for a few minutes in the wild, when they were bred specifically for the purpose of making them fight, the struggle can last much longer. The natives started betting on these fights and they became a popular form of gambling. It reached such a degree of popularity that the King of Siam or Thailand had to regulate it.

The fish soon found its way into western countries were they became popular fish for raising in aquariums. Traditionally their colours range from brown to dull green but selective breeding has produced fish with bright colours today.

Diet- Although Siamese fighting fish is primarily a carnivore. They can feed on the live larvae of mosquitoes, and worms. There are food pellets that you can purchase for them.

Plants and Aquarium Set-up-
Although the beta fish do not generally eat plants, it is important that you have the right sort of plants in your aquarium set-up for them. This is the primary problem with many would be aquarium hobbyists who buy some fish and then just dumps them in the water. After a few days the fish ends up dead. They don’t realize that the aquarium has to be set up properly first in order for the fish to thrive.

To help you out here are some ideas regarding the best plants for betta fish:

The right setup for a beta fish is a medium sized tank that is well lit and ventilated. If you want your fish to live long don’t just put them in a bowl or a vase with some plant sticking out of it. The ideal plants used for this set up are the soft bushy ones that do not pose any potential danger to the fish.

One great plant to try out is rosanervig which is actually considered to be a problem because it is highly invasive and it can take over a pond or a lake where it grows. It can thrive in almost any environment making it ideal for your aquarium set-up.

Red leaf ludwigia is another plant that can grow easily on your aquarium. It may require maintenance to keep low and bushy. It is important that the plants that you use for the aquarium are soft like the red leaf ludwigia because the betta fish uses it to hide from potential danger.