What are the Best Plants for the Bedroom?

Having indoor plants can bring in a lot of benefits. They can beautify the interior space by adding some charm to the place and giving it more warmth. That kind of effect cannot be achieved by any other means. Another good reason why you should have some indoor plants in your house is because of the purifying effect that it has on the air. It has been proven that it can remove contaminants in the air.

One of the best places where you can keep indoor plants is in your bedroom. With the purifying effect that it has on the air, it can surely have a tremendous effect in cleaning up the air in the area. It can also help you to relax a lot more easily after a long hard day at work. To help you out here are some of the best plants for the bedroom that you can get:

• Jade Plant- This beautiful plant is excellent for growing indoors and it requires very little care on your part. It can go on without water even for a month which is quite a long time for a plant of any type. It can handle being placed in the shade but of course for best effect it should be placed right next to a window where it can receive the maximum amount of sunlight that’s available.

• Peace Lily- When you want a plant that carries elegance then the peace lily should be your choice. It does not require too much sunlight making it a perfect choice for an indoor plant that can be placed in the bedroom. If you notice that its leaves are starting to droop down, that maybe a sign that it needs more water. If you have any cat pets however having a peace lily might not be a good idea. This type of plant has been known to cause kidney failures on that type of household animal. No similar effect has been noted on dogs.

• African Violet- This is a very striking plant to look at and is also one of the easiest flowering plants to take care of.

• Zebra Plant- This plant is not that hardy and might not be able to withstand too much interior setting but it does offer a beautiful ornament if you can find a spot for it near the window. Just make sure that you maintain watering it regularly to prevent the leaves from drying up.

• Lucky Bamboo- According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo is one of the most auspicious indoor plants today. So if you want to prosper then this is the kind of plant that you ought to be getting. It is also very easy to maintain this kid of plant. You only have to change the water for it once every two week period.

These are some of the best plants that you can get for your bedroom to make it an excellent place to live in. Try getting these plants now and transform your room.