What’s the Best Plant Light for Indoor Plants?

In order for plants to grow they need good soil and plenty of water. Aside from those two components they also need plenty of light which is something that most people tend to forget. They need that because they use the light in the process known as photosynthesis. It is through that process that they produce the food that they need in order to survive. This should not be a problem outside where they could get as much light from the sun that they need. This only becomes a problem when one is dealing with indoor plants that are confined to spaces where the only light that reaches them are those from artificial sources.

Ideally you can still place your indoor plants near windows and other openings where light can pass through but if that is really not going to be possible then you have to come up with other sources of light for them because they are going to need that. Here are some of the best plant light choices that are available today:

  • Ott 24 Inch Biolite Plant Grow Lights- This kind of lighting is actually ideal for an indoor vegetable garden. These bulbs are a match for the standard fluorescent setup and can last for more the 30,000 hours of use. These lamps should be placed directly above the vegetable plants and kept at a distance of about 8 to 12 inches. These lamps are idea for use on seedlings and smaller vegetable plants. You can get them for about $15 for each bulb.
  • Watts 1000 Watt HPS SunSystem X Sun Gro Gro Plant Grow Light– Now if you are not restrained by any budgetary constraints and you want to get the most powerful light for your indoor plants then this system is the one to choose. With 1000 Watts of pure light power it should be able to cover an area of about 8 feet by 8 feet. This is perfect for raising an indoor garden of vegetables and flowering plants and you can watch them grow under the beam of this powerful lamp. The price is the only thing that might hold you back. It sells for about $350 but again if budget is not a problem then this is the light for your plants.
  • Watts 400 Watt HPS Econogro Plant Light- If the indoor garden that you are growing is not that big and maybe you are limited on the amount that you can spend for lighting then this setup is the most sensible choice for you. This lamp can cover an area of about 4 feet by 4 feet which should be enough for anyone starting with an indoor garden. You can buy the whole setup including the lamps at about $200.

These are some of the best indoor lighting for plants that you can get. These are your options when window lighting is not going to be enough for your indoor garden.There are other choices that you can check when it comes to lighting for indoor plants but these are the best. Try these options now and see your plants grow and fill you with satisfaction.