What’s the Best Plant Identification Book?

If you are into gardening and into plants in general then one of the most useful skill and knowledge that you can gain is the ability to properly identify and classify the plants that you can see in the wild and even just in your neighbour’s yard or garden. Why is this skill useful? This might come in as very handy and practical, because some plants have certain properties that can be very useful.

Knowing the right information behind certain plants that you can see might come in handy. If you like the outdoors and taking a trip once in a while out in the woods then you might encounter some useful plants while out on your trip. You might be able to use and take advantage of the properties that can be found on those plants. There are numerous leaves and flowers that can be handy as first aid in emergency situations, there are also some plants that can be used for food. Acquiring this kind of skill and knowledge would take a great amount of time and practice so in the meantime you can just rely on the best plant identification book to back you up.

Aside from books there are other formats for reference that you can use. Here are some of them:

  • Identification Cards- There are cards that contain information about different types of plants. They can contain pictures on one side and facts and data on another. They provide a compact means of providing data that can be very handy. Some of these are made from vinyl such as the ones made by North Woods Field Guides.
  • EBooks– eBooks such as those that are available for Amazon’s Kindle. The advantage of this is that it is a lot more affordable than paperbound versions of the book. The disadvantage is that you really can not use it when you want to carry it in the woods or the outdoors.
  • Online- You can access the Internet and get detailed information on some plants and see some pictures of it.

Now if you want to get the best plant identification book that’s around then here are some recommendations:

  • North Woods Wildflower Guide– This book is perfect for those who are just starting out with their learning on flowers and plants. This is filled with pictures that make it easier for the student to identify and understand the different classifications of plants used. It has a very good introduction that can help the student to understand the system of classification and the terms that are used throughout the book. The biggest aid to beginners is that the contents are classified according to color which makes it easy for someone to find the particular plant that they are looking for. The only problem is that more advanced students might need more specific information about plants.
  • Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide– This book is the perfect choice for those who are seeking a more advanced guide on wildflowers. The contents of the book are organized according to the key system.