The Best Plants to Keep Flies Away

If you have taken the trouble to setup your own garden at home, then it goes it without saying that you enjoy sitting there while enjoying the relaxing feeling that all of your plants can convey. That is why it can be quite annoying when some flies bother you while you are enjoying in the outdoors. They can totally ruin the mood with the disgusting way that they seem to be always in your way. Don’t you worry though because there is a totally effective solution to this problem without having to resort to spraying chemicals and insecticides all over your yard.

What’s this solution? Well you can use plants that ar naturally repellent to flies. When your garden is filled with these plants those pesky flies are sure to keep their distance. To help you out here are some of the best plants to keep flies away that you can use in your garden:

Basil-There are many types of Basil and a lot more are being introduced. It is a very beautiful plant that smells good as well and it can grow under almost any condition even dry and hot temperature. We are mostly familiar with this plant for its use in cooking especially with tomato based dishes, but the scent of the Basil plant is something that flies can not stand so you can plant this next to the doorway. If you do not have the space then you can just plant it in a container and that can handle it. The good news is that mosquitoes hate it just as much as flies do.

Bay Leaf– This plant can be grown on the outside during the warm months but it may need more protection during the cold ones. The care that you are going to give it should be worth it since the Bay plant is a natural fly repellent.

Lavender- Flies really hate great smelling plants and lavender is an all-time favourite for its scent. You can hang a few sprigs of the [plant in your house and that will act as a natural repellent for flies and other insect.

Mint- This is a great smelling plant that can serve some useful function. You can plant it around your house to prevent pests and flies from annoying you when you are at home.

Rosemary– This is a favourite plant for a lot of people. It is generally believed that this plant contains a lot of medical qualities that makes a very useful plant to have fast growing plants

Tansy- It has been long known that Tansy can repel flies, and fleas and even ants. Originally used as a herb this plant has real benefits especially when it comes to making your place fly free.

These are just some of the common plants today that are known to repel flies and other insects. You should use these plants now and make arrangements with on how you can place them around your place to make it fly free for you.