Identifying the Best Plant Soil

A lot depends on the quality of the soil that we use for gardening. That is where the plant derives most of the nutrients that it needs in order for it to grow and become healthy. That is why in order for your garden to become a success you must spend some time in making sure that it has the right sort of soil in order to care for all of your plants. You must be able to identify the best plant soil to use in your garden.

Here are some ideas regarding the soil that should be used on your garden:

Preparing the Soil- The soil has to be prepared properly in planting so that it can facilitate the growing of the plants. It has to be cultivated deeply and you must make sure that you use a generous amount of compost on the ground when you prepare it for planting. Compost can help in retaining moisture either from rainfall of when you water the plants which can help the plants to grow healthy and strong.

Soil As a Reservoir- Think of the soil as reservoir that stores all of the nutrients and moisture needed by the plant in order to grow properly. These materials are then transferred from the soil to the rest of the plant by the roots. The good kind of plant soil will allow the materials needed by the plant to pass through freely from the soil to the roots.

Breaking it Up– Before you start planting on y our garden you have to make sure that you break it up and that you use organic materials in order to loosen it up.

Adding Organic Material- You have to make sure that you add a generous amount of organic material to the soil to promote plant growth. Organic material can assist in moisture retention and add some nutrients to the soil that can be used by the plant to promote its growth. Mulch is one such material which is used for retaining moisture. You can use wood chips as mulch.

Types of Soil- Soil that is commonly found on gardens can be classified to three types:

1. Clay and Silt- This type of soil is made up of very small particles and can be very sticky when wet. It can retain moisture very well but the problem is that it does not allow water to pass through it making it very difficult for roots to penetrate this type of soil.

2. Sandy- this type of soil is made up of large particles that can be seen by the naked eye. They permit water to pass through it quite easily but is very poor when it comes to retaining moisture.

3. Loam- This the best plant soil because it retains the positive qualities of the three types of soil. It retains moisture well and it allows water to pass through it quite easily. This type of soil is a healthy combination of sand, clay and organic materials.

These are just some simple ideas regarding the soil for your garden.