Best Plant Nurseries in New York

Plant nurseries are the shopping malls of those who are into gardening. That is the place where you can find all the plants that you have always wanted, not to mention the supplies and other stuffs that can be helpful to anyone who is into planting. Aside from that, going to one can be a very relaxing experience especially in a huge and complex city like New York.

If you are into gardening or you want to try it out and you are looking for some of the best plant nurseries in New York then let me help you out here with a short list here that me and my friends have put together. These are the nurseries that you can visit in the New York area:

Chelsea Garden Center- This plant nursery has been in operation since 1984. With two locations in Manhattan and one in New York you can pick a location that is most convenient for you to visit. They specialize in tropical plants that can be placed indoors as well as orchids. They have great options as well when it comes to outdoor plants and you can take your pick from what they have to offer there. Chelsea Garden Center NYC 580 11th Avenue at 44th StreetNY, NY 10036212-727-7100

Plant Shed New York Flowers- Located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan this is a family owned and run plant nursery. They have unique selection of plants and flowers that can serve as gifts. The place is also known for being an environment friendly establishment which recycles most of its waste. They also do not use any non-biodegradable material and vessels that can not be reused. If you are into gardening and caring for the environment then this is definitely the plant nursery for all of your needs. 209 West 96th Street, New York, NY 10025 • Tel: (212) 662-4400 Fax: (212) 663-0589

Paradise Plants of New York- This place is known for its huge collection of plants and flowers that are available at very affordable prices. They can also provide specialized service and consultations for customers who need more assistance for gardening. They are open seven days and on most holidays. This is one of the most customer friendly plant nurseries in the New York area by far. 112 W. 28th St. (between 6th and 7th Ave) Tel. 212-675-9696 Fax 212-675-0501.

Noble Plants- When what you want is place that can offer personalized service and a more cozy setting then this nursery is the one that you have been looking for. Although their nursery is quite small they have this small shop where they are going to wlak you through the caring process of each and every purchase that you do. They are also known for the low prices and for the hand delivery that they in exchange for a small fee. It is considered to be one of the top small nurseries in the New York area.

These are just some of the best nurseries that you can find within and around the city of New York.