Vermiculite for Plants

The kind of soil used in planting is a crucial factor in the success or failure of a garden. If the soil in your garden is light, loose and highly absorbent when it comes to moisture then it has some of the qualities that are needed for a great garden. If the kind of soil that you have does not meet these qualities then there are things that you can do on your part so you can change its quality. The soil in your garden can be too packed or too loose. Either way the best means to change its qualities so that it can meet the needed things when it comes to planting a garden is to add material to it.

In the past gardeners and farmers added soil or compost to the ground to alter its composition. That can loosen the ground or add more absorption to it. While that is still a valid method right now in order to alter the composition of the soil there is another material that is available now which can help you out.

Vermiculite for Plants-That material is called vermiculite and it is one of the most beneficial aids in gardening which can be used to help the plants gain a good ground to grow on. It can be found mixed in with the soil in gardening supply but this material is not a type of soil. The truth is that vermiculite is a lot like mica which is a mineral.

Natural Form- When found in its natural form this material can take on the form of mica, which looks layered and spread out in flat sheets. When heated this material expands and then creates small nugget like particles. They are very light and are highly absorbent as well. This is the material that is used in gardening and as an additive to the soil.

Uses- Because of the unique properties of vermiculite it has been utilized for several purposes in gardening. It can be used to lighten and to loosen up soil that is jam packed and heavy. Because it is highly absorbent it can be used on sandy soil that can lose a lot of its moisture rather quickly. You can buy it packed and mixed with other soils or you can get it as a separate material and you can just mix it yourself.

Benefits and Advantages
– There are many benefits that you can get out of using vermiculite over other organic materials that can be used as additives to the soil. It is non-toxic and odourless and because it is a form of mineral it is not going to rot and be prone to molds. When you have it combined with some organic material it can be an excellent way of growing plants.

Risks– There has been some concerns regarding the use of this material in recent years as some studies have shown that some products containing this material are high on asbestos which is very poisonous. Those concerns have been laid to rest however since it has been proven that asbestos content on most of these products are minimal.