How a Garden Sprinkler Works

Having a lawn means a lot of responsibilities. You need to take care of it and maintain it properly or it might end up looking like a jungle out there after a few weeks of neglect. You have got to mow and weed it so it looks nice and well maintained which should be your aim. The most important part of taking care of the lawn is making sure that it gets enough moisture and the best way to do that is to use the trusty old sprinkler.

How a Garden Sprinkler Works– Because there is nothing more important in caring for the lawn than making sure it gets enough water. A sprinkler can take care of that task for you and make it a thousand times easier. In their early days, sprinklers were just shower heads that were attached to the end of a long hose. Now things are different they are a little more complicated which makes them even more efficient. There are several types of sprinklers that are commonly used today and here are some of them:

Spay Head Type– This is the simplest type of sprinkler. It is just a shower head that is attached to the head of a long hose. Once the water pressure is increased the water exiting through the shower head is ejected at such a high speed that it reaches several feet.

Impact Spray Heads– This type of sprinkler is an improvement from the basic configuration of then spray head and it can deliver a huge volume of water in a short time. It is equipped with a mechanism that sprays the water in bursts and also acts to swing it away in different directions. With this type of sprinkler a wider area can be covered in all directions. Despite the inclusion of a mechanism there are actually few moving parts to this tyupe of sprinkler and it can be housed discreetly.

Rotor Sprinklers- This type of sprinkler uses a mechanism that is fully encased to keep away dirt and debris from getting into it. Because the mechanism is covered it can be very durable. It is also very quiet and convenient to use. Things can also be arranged so that this type of sprinkler can just pop out from the ground.

Common Issues with Sprinklers- Since sprinklers are normally left on the outside you can expect that the natural wear and tear is going to be heavier on it. With the types that have moving parts on them you can also expect them to be a little harder to maintain. Here are some of the more common issues with sprinklers that you may have to face:

Broken Sprinkler Heads– This is is one of the most common problem.

Obstructions with the Sprinkler- Since the sprinkler is left sitting on the ground, the chance of something obstructing the water coming out of it is high, especially if you do not clear the grass around it.

Uneven water Distribution- Some sprinklers have a problem with evenly distributing the water that it has.