So How Do Worms Reproduce?

Worms can be very beneficial. They can produce organic material that can be used as fertilizer and then they can be used to get rid of some of the organic wastes that you have in your household. As you can see there are plenty of uses that you can find for worms. That’s why there is a whole new industry growing up around them right now. You can try to breed worms and in fact this business is actually very profitable right now with the demand for worms that can be used for agriculture far exceeding the supply that we have for them. If you want to try your hand at something agricultural then maybe this is your thing. There are just few basic things that you need to know about worms.

How Do Worms Reproduce?-
You have probably heard about how easy it is to raise worms and that all you need to do is to place them on the right spot with enough food and moisture and that they are going to take care of themselves. That’s actually true because worms need very little care and given the right conditions they are going to reproduce a lot.

How do they do it? It is quite simple although the explanation might come as a shock to some people. The simple explanation is the fact that unlike other species that has clearly defined male and female, worms do not have that sort of classification. All earthworms can either be male or female depending on the demand. That means that worms are never going to experience that lack in sexual partners. When they feel the urge to mate they can just grab the nearest worm and that’s that. They can hit it right away. That’s what make worms unique. There are other qualifications of course, like the temperature can not go below 50 degrees or they can not mate.

Mating- The method of mating of worms is just as curious and different as these animals are. When worms find each other to mate their heads touch each other’s tails and when that happens nothing can make them separate. They have a body organ that can be extended and that enters the body of the other worm and it deposits the semen into the body. The semen is not fertilized right away. It just sits there inside the worm’s body until the worm is able to secrete a slimy substance that has the eggs encased in it.

These eggs are laid by the worms and they normally secured by a sack like cocoon. These eggs will hatch after a few weeks and they will turn into worms just their parent’s did so. With fifteen eggs to cocoon as you can see breeding worms can actually create a huge population

These are just some of the things that you ought to know when it comes to breeding worms. Everything that you have heard about how easy it is for them to breed and multiply is actually true and even more.