How to Plant Iris Seeds

Iris plants are a vast group of plants that are characterized by their showy and vibrant flowers. The variety and vibrancy of the colours of the flowers of these plants is the main reason for them to be called Iris. The name was derived from the Greek word that refers to rainbow. That is an obvious reference to the different colours of the flowers that the plant can bear. The plant is spread out in different areas and can be found in different parts of the world. It has many references to art and culture. The fleur-de-lis which is a stylized iris is the symbol of many countries, governments and organizations throughout history.

How to Plant Iris Seeds- If you are into gardening then you can try growing iris seeds. Here are some simple steps in how you can do that:

1. First of all you need to get seeds of the iris plant. You can do that by several means. You can try getting seeds at nurseries and garden shops. If you have some iris plants then you can harvest seeds from there. Once the pods have turned brown you can get the seeds there and used it. If you can not find a supply of iris seeds near your place then you should consider buying some from an online store.

2. Once you have the seeds the next step that you need to take is to get them soaked in water at room temperature. You have to do this for about four to five days. By doing so you can soften the tough covering of the seed which makes it easier for the plant to sprout. You have to remember not soak the seeds for too long or they are going to rot.

3. After this you can put the seeds through a cold stratification process. This is done by wrapping the seeds in a wet piece of cloth and then placing the cloth inside a plastic container. You can then take the container inside your fridge. This process can take anywhere from seven to eight weeks. You have to remember to wet the cloth from time to time as needed so as to keep it moist. Make sure that you do not make unnecessary checking or that might do some damage to the sprouts.

4. Prepare a bed on your garden for your sprouts. The best part of the year to plant is during the summer but early fall can do. Make sure that you prepare the plot properly by loosening the soil and removing rocks there. Remove the sprouts from packet and plant them on the ground for no more than 3 inches deep. Check if there are roots on the sprout already and place it on the deepest part if there is any.

5. Don’t water the plant while they are still small. They can get easily drowned out by too much water. Make sure that your plants are evenly placed so that they are not going to crowd out each other, preventing their good growth.