Some Fun Plants to Grow

Gardening can be a very interesting activty. Many people use it as a means of relaxation. I personally use my garden for that purpose, whenever I feel like everything seems to difficult I rely on my garden to provide me the best relaxation that I can get. Just looking at the plants that I have it makes me feel good already. But gardening can be something else as well. You can derive tons of fun from it from it as well.

Here are some of the fun plants to grow that you can try in your garden:

Venus Flytrap- This is the coolest plant ever. This is arguably the most famous of all meat eating plants and if you have never seen one devour an insect then you are missing out on a really great show. The leaves of the Venus Flytrap is filled with small fine hairs which when touched causes the leaf to fold and trap the insect within it. It takes less than a second for the leaf to close up. The edges of the leaves are also filled teeth like protrusions that can prevent larger insects from escaping once the leaves start to fold. This amazing and fascinating plang is native to the bogs of North and South Carolina.

Cacti- The cacti are very popular plants that can be planted in your garden. They can also be a lot of fun primarily because of their unconventional appearance. They can be an intriguing attraction in your garden. These plants are classified as a succulent, which means that their stems and leaves have been adapted for storing moisture in preparation for drought or lack of water. When we think of cacti the first thing that comes to mind are those that can be found in the desert, but that’s just one type of cacti. That’s one reason why this kind of plant can be very fun. The good news is that they also need very little so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

Romanesco Broccoli
– This plant can qualify for the title of being the coolest looking plant. This is actually a relative of the cauliflower and is also edible. They say that it is really tasty but it didn’t get into this list because of that. It got here because when you take a closer look at it you can see that it is composed of complex spiral like designs that covers its surface. The whole plant is made of this complex design that can be explained mathematically by a difficult formula. The design has a spiral like pattern and when you take a closer look at it, you’ll notice that it is made of smaller and smaller design patterns there.

Aloe Plant-This plant is known for its herbal properties. It is used for treating sunburns and is known for its properties that can be used for treating hair. The great thing about its that you don’t need to process the plant. All you need is to break off the leaf and you can get the useful substance. This plant can be a ton of fun.