How Much Water Does a Garden Need and Other Gardening Tips

I classify gardening as one of the top activities that a person can engage in, in order to gain a fulfilling sense of relaxation. I recommend it because I use gardening extensively for that purpose. Whenever I feel that the tension in the office is reaching a point that I can handle anymore I try to make sure that I can devote some of my time in my garden. My garden is the best place where I can spend some time and get a feeling of rest and relaxation. That is why I make sure that I take care of my garden in the proper way. I make sure that whatever it is that I have do there I do it properly so that all of the plants will grow healthy and strong.

If you want to try my tip and use your garden as a place of relaxation then here are some tips that you can use on how to properly care for your garden:

How Much Water Does a Garden Need?
– Water is a vital ingredient that is needed by any life form in order for it to thrive and to live. Plants need water together with air and sunlight in order to manufacture its own food. Since a garden is cut off from any natural water supply except for rainfall, it is going to be up to you to make sure that the plants there do not dry up. You can figure out on your own the amount of water that you garden needs. Here are some simple steps that you can follow:

1. You have to dig a hole 1 foot deep and half a foot wide. Then you can fill it water and let it stand like that.

2. Once the whole has dried up fill it water again. Monitor it and make sure that you measure the length of time that it took for the water to dry up a second time.

3. If the water dried up in less than three hours then that means that you soil is too sandy and that there is problem with drainage.

4. If the water takes more than eight hours to dry that means there is too much clay in your garden soil and it is causing drainage problems.

5. If the water is drained between 4 to 6 hours then your garden does not have any problems.

Using Fertilizers- One of the concepts that beginners in gardening have some hard time absorbing is the idea of fertilizers and their uses. While plants can survive without them they can surely make your plants grow and look better. There are different types of fertilizers for the uses that you have in mind.

Placing Your Plants- Knowing the proper way of taking care of plants starts by knowing where you can place them to the full advantage. Some plants need plenty of sunlight while others do not. What you have to do is to find the right information on where to place your plants and use that in your garden.