Steps on How to Plant Potatoes

Personally I find gardening to be the best hobby that I can engage in. Believe me I have tried a lot of different activities. You can name all the cool activities that others are trying out now as their hobbies and I would go like, “been there, done that”. So when I started out in gardening I was really surprised by how much relaxation that I can get out of it. There is really nothing quite like it when it comes to relieving me of my stress. That’s my own take on gardening. I don’t know how others see it and that’s just okay. We all see things in a different light.

But one other thing that is going for gardening is that it is also very useful. Aside from the fact that it can beautify your place and it can bring stress relief, gardening can also be used to produce useful fruits and vegetables. When I was starting out with gardening I didn’t want to engage in planting vegetables because I wanted to try ornamental plants but as I gained more experience I realized that it might be worth giving a try and you know what I found out? It really is worth the trouble.

If you want to try it and see it for yourself here are some steps on how to plant potatoes, which are the best vegetables that you can plant in your garden:

1. Potatoes favour the colder seasons when growing but there are some varieties that are more versatile. In fact there are some places in the United States where it can be grown all year long.

2. You can start by buying seed potatoes from seed catalogues and nurseries. You have to settle for seeds because started plants are almost never sold in nurseries.

3. You need to pick a place that receives a lot of sunlight because potato plants need the full blast of the sun. The place should also have a good drainage since potatoes can not stand being immersed in water for too long. If the ground in your garden is quite heavy then you can just raise your potatoes on raised gardens.

4. Dig the ground for a depth of about 12 inches and remove roots and rocks there or anything that can be in the way of the tubers as they are growing. You have got to make sure that the tubers are going to have a clear path when growing.

5. If you get seeds that are larger than 2 inch diameters then you have to cut them up before planting them on the ground.

6. To plant the seeds you only have to place them on the ground the cut side down to a depth of about 7 to 8 inches. You can give them a spacing of 12 inches. The stem of the plant can work its way until it breaks through the surface.

One thing to remember is that you should not waste your time planting potatoes from the supermarket. They have been treated chemically.