How to Build a Zen Garden

I have always been interested in Zen gardens. I could still remember the first that I saw one. I was visiting my classmate’s house and they had this huge yard. On one corner of the yard my classmate’s dad had built a Zen garden. I asked my friend what it was and that was when I learned that it was Zen garden. First of all my idea of a garden then was closer to being a jungle. That is the way that I pictured an ideal garden should look like. It ought to be filled with plants and other stuff that makes up a regular garden. I had no idea what Zen was back then, but still I was sufficiently impressed with the garden, that I knew back there and then that I was going to have my own Zen garden once I have my own place.

Now years later I have finally my very own Zen garden. It is just as relaxing and as simple as the first one that I saw years ago. It is still the best place for me to relax and to take things easy if you know what I mean. Now if you want to try building your own, then here are some of the proven ways on how to build a Zen garden:

1. The secret to a Zen garden is in achieving peace and tranquility. I guess that was the quality that appealed to me when I first saw that garden in my classmate’s place. So that is the central effect that you need to achieve in your garden.

2. Decide on the size of the garden. That is going to depend on the size of the yard that you have.

3. The next step is for you to create the form that can hold the sand and other materials. If you are planning on a large garden then you can use pieces of lumber or even railroad ties to hold up the material. They should be enough to contain the materials that you are going to use.

4. Place a barrier that will prevent growth of the weeds. A large garbage bag can provide the right barrier against weeds.

5. Now the next step is to fill the from with sand or fine stones Make sure that you fill the form properly and up to the right level.

6. After filling the form the next thing to do is to get the finer pieces that you have to serve as decorations. Things like polished stones, rocks, boulders and statues can be used to make your Zen garden a lot more interesting. One great effect is to install a boulder that can stick out of the surface.

7. Submerge the large rocks in just be sure to not keep them in the centre but rather to the side so you can achieve the top effects. Remember that a Zen garden should achieve peacefulness and tranquillity. Those are the things that you need to create on your garden if you want to get the maximum amount of benefits from it.