The Best Plants to Give as a Gift

I’m sure that you have been in that situation where you were at a loss as to what to give a person as a present. It could be someone that you love, a friend or someone that you esteem highly. The fact is that the more that you value a person the more unique, useful and great the gift that you want to give to them. Have you ever thought about the possibility of giving out plants as gifts? This should be a great idea even if the person that you are giving it to is not into gardening or to taking care of plants. In fact your present to them might just be the thing to convince them to go crazy about plants.

There are several advantages with giving plants as gifts. First of all they are quite affordable. You can buy a great looking plant for about $20. Other gifts can cost you a lot more but a plant can say a lot for so less. You can also save your time because there are so many sites over the Internet where you can purchase plants as gifts. Finally the biggest advantage is that plants can last and can grow. They can be a long time reminder to a person how much you appreciate them.

So to help you out here are some tips about the best plants that you can give as a gift:

  • Salad Greens- If the person that you give the gift to is a lover of vegetables and salads then salad greens are the perfect plant set to give to them. These plants come in standard packs that are ready to be planted and can fit in nicely into a small box. It is going to make a good looking present. In places with moderate winters the plants can be transplanted to garden while in colder places can be kept in the patio.
  • Narcissus- This plant can give and brighten up one’s day so giving them out as a gift is always a great idea. You can keep the plant in a decorated paint can and it can thrive there for weeks. They can be later transferred to a regular garden or to a better container.
  • Lonicera Golden Trumpet– This is the perfect plant to give away as a gift for 50th Wedding anniversary. This plant has buds that are small and has vibrant colours. It is a climbing plant that can hold on to any structure near it. It is really a very good hanging plant and very decorative as well. Any couple would appreciate getting this as a gift for their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
  • Rose Golden Wedding- This is another plant that can be given as a gift for a Golden Wedding Anniversary. This variety of rose has been developed specifically to honour 50th wedding anniversaries so they can really be made into the perfect gift for celebrants.

Take your pick now of the best plant to get and see how much they will be appreciated.