Best Plants to Grow for Profit

Have you been into gardening for quite some time now and you are thinking of turning that hobby into something that can earn a little for you? Then don’t you worry because it is really not that difficult. There are certain plants that you can grow which are sure to earn something once they are big enough. These plants range from the ones that can provide fruits and vegetables for food to the ones that are valuable because they serve as ornaments. To help you in deciding which plant to grow in your garden here is a list of some of the best plants to grow for profit:

Bamboo– This is a hot commodity right now in the plant market. Many landscape artists and designers are ready to pay as much as $150 per potted bamboo plant. In fact this plant is so hot right now that growers are having a hard time supplying the huge demand for the plant. That’s why this is the right time to jump in to the trend. It’s so popular because aside from being highly ornamental there are also so many uses for bamboo. Also this is not just a plant for warm weather there are also some cold weather varieties of the plant. Just remember that you need to use pots if you want to grow bamboo for profit.

Ginseng- This plant is highly valued in many Asian cultures because of its unique properties and the benefits that it brings to health and healing. The roots are the most valuable part of this plant. It is used for many medicines and tonic in Oriental medicine. The problem is that it takes about six years before the roots can be harvested for medicinal purposes. There is still a way though for you to earn from your ginseng plant while you are waiting for its roots to grow full. You can sell the young roots and the seeds of the plant. This is a highly valuable plant and an acre of this crop can earn as much as $100,000 just from the seeds alone. This plant is only suitable for cold climate.

Mushrooms- If you only have a small space then mushrooms can be the best plant to grow for profit. Exotic and highly valuable mushrooms can be grown without soil. The great news is that there is a grear demand for mushrooms in the market so if you turn to this plant you can really earn a handsome profit from it.

Ornamental Grasses- There are various types of ornamental grasses that you can plant in order to earn some money. Most of them are resistant to drought and needs very little maintenance, which is why many landscape developers are using them right now. The only problem is that this type of plant needs a lot of space so that you can grow enough of it, but you can also use pots to divide them into smaller clumps so it is a a lot easier to do sell them off.