How to Build a Rock Garden

Having your own garden at home is one of the things that you ought to be aiming for. It can really be a rewarding experience. I know because it was that way for me. Even when we were just planning our dream house, my wife and I had agreed upon that we should have a garden to make our place look complete. There were many types of garden that were available. We have to look around for one that could match our taste. I really didn’t know much about gardens so I had to conduct a research to check it out. That was when I found out about rock gardens.

With a rock garden you can bring the look of a rugged mountain landscape right over to your backyard. You can use so many different types of stones in order to create that look. This is the best choice for our place since we live in a rather dry place. While a regular garden with plants is not impossible there, it is going to entail a lot of work and care on our part which means allotting time to it which we don’t have. So a rock garden is the most sensible choice because it requires the least care of all garden types.

Types of Rock Garden- The rock garden was originally created so that plants from the rocky Swiss Alps can be planted on gardens. Now the trend has shifted towards decorative landscaping. Boulders and rocks can provide the perfect centrepiece. Another type of rock garden that you might go for if you are after a minimalist effect is the traditional Japanese Zen garden.

How to Build a Rock Garden– If you feel that this type of garden is the one most suited for your yard then here are some steps that you can follow in order to create one:

1. Pick the rocks that are going to be used for your garden. It is a good thing to bear in mind that softer rocks can be a lot easier to work on so it can get that rugged weathered look. Make sure that the rocks that you pick have similarities when it comes to their color and texture.

2. You need to know the right techniques in picking the right rocks and where they can be found. Construction sites are excellent places to start with since they are usually trying to get rid of rocks and other debris.

3. You can then install the rocks. If you want to achieve a more natural look, you have to stay away from achieving any sort of pattern in the way that you arrange the rocks. Don’t use too many rocks.

4. The next step is for you to choose the plants that you are going to use on the garden. These plants require very little water and needs little soil to take root. They are more adapted to clinging to stones than to going deep on the ground. You can prepare the soil for the plant by mixing it well with sand.