How to Grow Plants Without Soil

Gardening has long been known to be a very rewarding and relaxing activity. I have personally experienced this after I took it up as a hobby. Now I have discarded all of my other hobbies and I am now fully concentrated on gardening. The only problem is that I can only do when I am in our house out in the country because we have a lot of space there. I could plant all that I want there, but when I am staying in my pad in the city, which is where I spend most of time, I can’t do any of that because it has a very limited space and area. There’s hardly living space for me. It was such a restricted place that I couldn’t even keep plant in pots. So I resigned myself to the fact that I can only enjoy my hobby when I am in my other house.

Then I learned something that really caught my interest. It was about the fact that I can I can plant and grow some plants without using soil. I was kind of doubtful that this could be done in a good way but the more that I read of it the more that this is the way to do gardening for me. If you think that this way of growing plants is a good way to go for you then here are some steps that you can follow on how to grow plants without soil:

1. The method for growing plants without using soil is called hydroponics. As you ought to have guessed from the name, the base for growing plants in this way is water. The idea is to provide all the needed materials needed by the plant to grow but eliminating the need for the soil.

2. Make sure that you have all of the materials needed in order to do this process properly. You need to pick a good vase or container. It should be large enough to hold the existing roots of the plants and have some space for additional growth. You might also need an air tube such as the ones used on aquariums.

3. Use water crystals so that the plant can go without soil. You can add 1 teaspoon of this material to every 8 ounce of water that you are using.

4. You can then remove the plant that you want to use from the soil. Wash it gently under a faucet. Make sure that youy work gently on it being careful not to break any of the roots.

5. Place the crystals that have absorbed water into the container and then insert the plant. You have to be very careful not to break any of the roots of the plant.

6. You can add liquid minerals into the water. These minerals are going to be needed by the plant in order to grow strong and healthy.

These are the steps that you can follow in order to start growing plants without soil.You can now start gardening even if you have limited space.