Best Plant Lighting Color

Well you learned at school that plants need light in their process of manufacturing food. This makes light a very important in the growth and development of plants. Specifically, plants need light in order to turn carbon dioxide which they get from the air into sugars which they can consume as food. The process is quite complicated but it is enough to understand that without light plants might not be able to live. That is the placement of plants is very important when you are building a garden. You need to make sure that plants can get as much lighting as they need.

Light Color- It has been observed that the kind of lighting received by plants can have an effect on their growth. It seems that the color of the lighting used has an impact. That means that plants are bound to react differently to varying light sources. To help you determine the best plant lighting color for your garden, here are some ideas that you can keep in mind regarding the different light colors that can be used.

Green Light- Most plants look green because they reflect that color and they do not absorb it. That means that they are not affected at all by light of that color. Since sunlight carries all the colors of the spectrum that means that most plants absorb the other colors of the light while reflecting back the green part of the spectrum.

Blue Light– As we have mentioned sunlight is composed of all the colors of the spectrum but their degree can vary depending on the location and at the time of the year. For example when the days are longer during spring and summer sunlight is composed mostly of the blue part of the spectrum. If you have noticed there are a lot of plants that stay dormant during the winter months starts growing again when springs sets in. This means that blue light is ideal for plants that need to develop stems, leaves and the stalks. Seeds that are just germinating can also thrive under a blue light.

Red Light– When the day becomes shorter the composition of sunlight becomes changed. During this period it mostly becomes red. It is also during this period that fruits are harvested. This means that red or reddish light is ideal for those plants that bear fruit.

Growing Plants Indoors
– As you might guessed by now, the color of the light that you are going to use is an important question to consider when you are planning on growing plants indoors. You can control the way that plant is going to turn out with the kind of lighting that you can provide for it. You have to get the proper equipment if you plan to grow plants fully indoor. A full spectrum fluorescent lamp is going to be best since it can deliver all the light colors that your plants are going to need in order for them thrive and be healthy. You can just use some additional red lights once they are flowering and bearing fruits.