How to Grow Plants in Jars

A lot of people would like to try growing plants these days. The problem that they have to face is the lack of space. This is especially true if you live in the city, where every square inch has been maximized already. There are ways though that you can still setup your garden in a city setting. I can give you some tips that might come in handy. I have tried these things myself so you know that I am giving the straight thing with these tips that I am offering:

How to Grow Plants in Jars– One of the best methods that I have learned over the years on how to setup my garden in may apartment is to grow my plants in jars. Of course not all types of plants can be suitable for this kind of setup but once you have found the right sort of plant for this kind of planting then you can be sure to get your garden going:

1. A large jar that has plants in it is called a terrarium. It imitates the setup that can be found in nature. If you do it correctly then the plants inside the jar should be able to create its own microclimate inside the jar. The plants that grow well in that kind of setup are mosses, ferns and other moisture loving plants. They can thrive inside a jar for years with only the most minimal amount of care and attention on your part.

2. Make sure that you wash the jar thoroughly before you use it. You need to wash the lid of the jar as well.

3. Fill the bottom portion of the jar with small pebbles. It should fill about 1/5 of the jar. That is going to be needed to ensure that there is going to be an adequate drainage for it. Once you have the pebbles in place you can then add the soil.

4. Lift the plant and make sure that you remove as much soil as you can from the roots of the plant. Take out the dead and the yellow leaves as well before placing it in the jar.

5. Place the plant inside the jar and position it so that none of the leaves is going to touch the jar. You can water it a little but not too much.

6. When the moisture from the spray has dried you can place the lid of the jar and position it on a pot where it is going to get as much sunlight as possible. You have to water the plant from time to time but again a terrarium is going to need a minimal amount of care if you do it right.

7. You can also place some specialized animals in your terrarium if you want to. That can make it look better. This is one of the best ways that you can setup a small garden in a city setting. I have tried it before and it certainly is a very rewarding activity that I highly recommend.