What Provides Energy for Plants to Grow and Types of Plants

If you are starting to do gardening as a hobby then you need to know some basic things about plants and how they grow. You’re going to need that kind of knowledge in order to be able to take care of plants in the right way. If you want your garden and your plants to look blooming and beautiful then you should start doing some research now. To help you out here are some ideas about plants:

What Provides Energy for Plants to Grow– Plants unlike animals do not have a need to get food. They produce it on their own. This is done in a process called photosynthesis where they take in all of the ingredients necessary for manufacturing their food and then changing them. As from the name of the process you might have guessed already that light plays a major part in it. The other ingredients in the process include water, and carbon dioxide. Using this process plants can produce simple sugars which it uses in order to get the energy for growing.

Basic Plant Types and How to Identify Them– There are several basic plant types that you have to be aware of. Here are some of them:

These are the plants that live for a year or even less. They can also be characterized as flowering seasonal plants since they can bloom for only a certain period during their lifetime. Some can grow for 3 to 4 months. When you use this kind of plant in your garden you can actually change its appearance after each year.

Biennial- This plant has a lifespan of about two years. They are a lot similar to annuals and their main difference is the fact that take twice as much time in order to grow fully.

Shrubs- These plants are woody just like trees but the main difference is that they are smaller than trees. Their stems are short and can branch out close to the ground.

Creepers- This is the type of plant than can be grown on walls as a decoration. They can also be used on other structures as a design feature.

Crawlers- These plants are also know as vines. They can not grow without support. They are just going to spread out down on the ground until they find something that they cling on to.

Bulbs- This type of plant has a specific stem system that can be buried underground and from there the roots and the leaves are going to grow. They are quite easy to plant and grow. There are some excellent blooming bulb plants that can add beauty to your garden.

These are just two of the basic knowledge that you need to have in order to understand plants better. You have to be aware of how they produce their food and the different types of plants that are available. That knowledge can be very useful for you once you are engaged in gardening as a hobby. They can come in real handy for you at the right time.