Best Winter Plants to Grow

If you are into gardening then your planting need not be stopped when winter steps in. After all there are certain plants that you can plant in the winter time. They can be great decorative plants and there are even some vegetables. See if you have the right kind of knowledge then you would know that you can still go on with your gardening activities after all. To help you out in choosing the best plants that you can grow during the cold season, here are some of the best winter plants to grow:

Holly and Winterberry- These are small plants that are quite popular during the winter season. They can be shrubs that are quite small and be as large as full sized trees. They have fruits during the winter season which is one of the main sources of food for birds that do not migrate. These plants are quite popular in the winter period.

Northern Bayberry- This is another plant that became popular for providing food for birds that do not migrate during the winter period. It also provides them with an excellent area where they can nest. The flowers of this plant however are not remarkable and this plant is more known for the dark colored leaves and the berries that can really deliver a striking scenery during the cold winter months.

Broad Beans-
From the world of berries we now journey into the world of vegetables. The broad beans is one of those vegetables that can handle the cold winter season without any difficulty. They can also help in keeping the soil nutritious and healthy for plants. There are certain varieties that are well suited for growing during the cold months so you have to ask from your local nursery specifically for those or your beans might now turn out the way that you are expecting them.

– Without a doubt asparagus is one of the best vegetables there is. The good news is that you can start planting in the cold period of the year starting at October. Although you might feel a little hesitant about working on asparagus because of the accounts that you have heard about how demanding they are, I assure you the biggest task that you are going to have when caring for them is to keep the beds free from weed. Once you have done that then you are free to go.

Garlic– If you want a plant that is going to need very little care then you ought to get garlic. This vegetable is known for requiring very little attention once they are established on the ground. On light soils you just have to plant the clove to a depth of about 2.5 inches and make sure that you maintain enough distance from each other. Like other vegetables not all varieties of garlic can be suitable for planting in the winter.

These are just some of the winter plants that you use on your garden, so that it can can take on a great look even during winter.