How Do Worms Have Babies and Other Worm Facts

If you are into gardening then you are probably aware by now about the benefits that your plants can derive from earthworms. These little creatures can really be helpful and beneficial to your garden. They can break down organic waste and through their excretions produce natural fertilizers that can benefit all of your plants. It is really unfortunate that people don’t see earthworms for the beneficial creatures that they really are. So to give some light as to the real benefits that we can derive from worms here are some information that can help:

How Do Worms Have Babies?– The way that earthworms reproduce is unique in the animal kingdom. Their reproductive organs are equipped for both male and female functions allowing them to mate with any worms that happen to be near by, which means that all worms are neither male nor female but a combination of both. When the worms are about a month old they start to develop the sexual organs which are represented by the white band near one of the ends of the worm’s body. The worms can then come in contact and they fertilize the cocoons by depositing eggs and sperm. The cocoons can contain about 1 to 5 worms and they can sit dormant for years waiting until the time is right for them to hatch.

Worm Benefits- Vermiculture is the practice of raising worms to get the compost material that they produce. The compost produced by worms is highly in demand and is very beneficial to plants. They can bring in multiple benefits as well. Vermiculture can be used as a means of reducing the amount of waste that we produce since worms can consume most of the organic waste that we create. That makes this practice a very friendly one for the environment.

What Type of Worms Are Good for Vermiculture- Not all varieties of earthworms can be beneficial when it comes to vermiculture. There are only certain types that should be used. One of the most highly recommended is the red wriggler which is also known as the red worm. They require very little care and they can produce excellent compost.

Raising Worms- Anyone can start raising worms. In fact this is a highly lucrative business in the field of agriculture. The demand for the excellent compost produced by worms far exceeds the supply that can be produced by the handful of worm growers in the country. There is always room for more in the business. If you are worried that you do not have enough space or land that you can use, don’t worry because you can do this even when all that you have is a small container. All that you need is a container that can hold the worms and a spot where you can keep it where it is not directly exposed to sunlight. That should give you an excellent start.

These are just some of the facts about worm raising and you can find out more if you think that this is something you would want to try for yourself.