How to Plant Your Own Herb Garden

If you are into gardening, but you are not including herbs among the plants that you grow in your garden then you are missing out on a lot. That is because herbs can be the most rewarding of all plant types that you can grow in your garden. They can provide you with so many benefits that would make it really worthwhile to have them around. If you want to try this out, then here are some steps that you can try on how to plant your own herb garden:

Location- The first step that you need to take is to find the right location for your garden. The ideal location for herb plants is a place that is sunny but can provide some shelter as well. It should also be well drained as well. You have to make sure that you can keep your garden free from weeds and also from the overhanging branches of trees. You have to keep in mind that many of the herbs that we have today originated from tropical countries or in place that have warmer climates. You have to create the right conditions for them. Herbs that are intended for cooking should be kept away from sources of contamination.

Design- If you want your herb garden to have a more formal look then you should follow the traditional forms for herb gardens. The normal forms for these paths are those that have open spaces and paved paths on the side. The pave path is important so that you can gain access to it while you are taking care of your plants.

You need to prepare the garden well when you are doing your herb planting. You must remove the weeds that are on the ground before you start planting. Water the plant well before removing it from the nursery plot and planting it on the garden bed. Make some room for their growing and give each plant a lot of space. Once the plant on the ground you can firm the ground around it and then water it. There are some herbs that can be invasive so you need to do something about restricting their growth, like putting them in a sunken plot.

Taking Care of Your Garden-
Now comes the difficult part. Planting the garden is relatively easy when compared with actually maintaining it. You have to perform the regular gardening tasks as with other types of plants such as mulching, fertilizing, pruning and others. Herbs are less prone to pests than other types of plants but in case that you do get an infestation you must use natural methods such cutting back on the plants or use organic pest repellants. Never ever use commercial chemical pesticides with herbs since that might end up in your food as well.

Now comes the best part of having a herb garden. Don’t just go about cutting in random. When you are harvesting you can also use the opportunity to prune the plants at the same time.