Save Big Money – Low Water NO Fuss Landscapes

Having a garden or a landscaped section in your yard can mean a lot in making your place look great. The problem is that the cost of maintaining such a section can be staggeringly high. Aside from the fact that setting it up can cost quite a lot, there is also the added costs of the plants, soil and decorations and then maintaining it can be expensive. Just the amount that you have to spend on watering the plants there can be a prohibitive factor already that could prevent others from trying it out.

Conventional wisdom and tradition says that you should spend about 10 to 15% of the cost of your house on landscaping. If you follow that wisdom then that means a lot of money is going to your yard and garden. When you consider the average cost of houses these days 10% of which is no laughing matter, in fact it is a huge amount. Then there is also the question of whether you have the time to maintain to maintain it once its has been setup.

Ideas for Landscaping on a Budget`- When you are just starting out to setup your garden, you have to think about how you can save money from that moment. If you have a limited budget for your garden then you better set your priorities and find out what are the aspects that you really have to consider.

Make Sure That You Know What You Want- Knowing what you want and planning for it thoroughly can save you a lot by letting you avoid making some mistakes which can be expensive in the long run. You might decide to add some feature to your garden on a whim. Then when you have it you realize that it is not something that you want. Removing and replacing it with something else are total wastes of time, money and effort.

Enriching the Soil
– Instead of buying plants right away focus on enriching the soil in your yard first. Spending a thousand dollars on plants without doing anything about the soil is risking your money. If you are unlucky and the soil in your yard is just unsuited for growing a lot of plants then your plants might die in a short while. You can spend about $30 per yard in making the soil richer and once you are done you know that your place can handle any kind of plant that you want.

Things You Can Get for Free
– One secret of budget gardeners is the fact that there are a lot of things that you can get for free which you can use as materials in your landscape project. Some cities for example provide trees for free to those who are willing to plant them. That is one green way of taking advantage of the benefits that you can get from your local government. Construction sites are the best sources for rocks, bricks and filling material for your yard. Just be sure to get permission first before you remove any material from the site. It is a good thing to know other gardeners in your area. You might find something nice in their place that you can offer an exchange for.

Keeping What Is There
– Are there any plants in your yard already? If there are, then why not just keep them? Just create your garden around them. Include them as features in your landscape. That can save you the trouble of ripping them from the ground and then replacing them with other plants.

Those were the things that you can do to save money when setting up your landscape and garden. Now how about specific landscape ideas that require little water or maintenance? Are there any good ideas for that?

Shrub Garden-
If you are just way too busy to even think about spending some time in your garden then you can just plant some shrubs. There are many advantages as to why you should go with this kind of plant. First of all most of them are flowering so they can emit a nice aroma and smell in your garden. Then there is the fact that they require little or no watering or maintenance, making them the ideal landscape plant for busy people. There are so many shrubs that you can choose from and they literally go into the hundreds. You might have to do some pruning from time to time and perhaps add a little fertilizer but as to maintenance that should be it. That means you can save time and money with this plant.

Tree Garden
– Trees need some pruning and a lot of attention during its early years but once you get it going, you really don’t have to worry about them in the long run. You don’t even have to water them since their roots go deeper and wider in search of moisture. Evergreens are the best choice if what you are after is something that is low on maintenance. The problem is that takes a long time for trees to grow and when young they really don’t have that much to offer when it comes to decorating your yard. Your option is to buy a full grown tree. That is perfectly possible now. They can transplant the whole thing from one spot to another. Then your problem there is the cost but if you can afford it it’s a good option for a low maintenance landscape.

Using Drought Tolerant Plants
– You can use drought tolerant plants to make your landscaping a lot easier for you. Now cactus is not the only plant that can withstand the absence of water. You can incorporate cactus into your garden but there are more plants that can withstand little water and they are more decorative than cactus. Examples of drought tolerant plants are Bluebeard, Purple Coneflower and Stonecrop.

Zen Garden– In my opinion a Zen Garden is the best low water and low maintenance landscaping solution that you can try. Originally known as rock gardens in Japan this type of landscaping originated in Monasteries in Japan where they were used as areas where the monks can walk around in deep contemplation. It is characterized by a flat expanse filled with sand of fine pebbles with rocks rising in the middle. Except for some moss that might grow on the rocks there are absolutely no plants on this type of garden. That means it does not need any maintenance at all.

Bamboo Garden-
Bamboo is a common plant in many parts of the world particularly in Asia. This type of plant has found many uses. It can be useful for those who want a landscape idea that needs little maintenance. Bamboo is a type of grass. Like its other cousins it can grow well and healthy on its own without any human intervention. There are different types of bamboo which can be excellent for your landscape project. Just make sure that the soil is healthy enough and it should grow well.

These are just some landscape ideas that require little watering, care or maintenance. You can use these ideas right away to make your yard look good without having to spend a lot.